Maroney: The Anti-Christ of Running Backs!

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    Maroney: The Anti-Christ of Running Backs!

    How should I abbreviate my Headline?  How 'bout...

    "Maroney: Anti-RB"

    "Maroney: Water Boy Replacement"

    I'm looking forward to the Dancin' Elvis' last year in a Pat's uniform.

    How 'bout giving BenJarvis Green-Ellis the pigskin?  He can tote the rock.
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    Re: Maroney: The Anti-Christ of Running Backs!

    In Response to Re: Maroney: The Anti-Christ of Running Backs!:
    Yea, Belichick is pretty much picking at every single morsel of proverbial hope with this last supper, hoping that Evening doesn't inevitably end with the next mornings crucifixtion (see how I did that everyone, ya know, using the whole antichrist theme and all?  I tried at first using the garden of eden, with Maroney as a snake-in-the-grass, but snakes are fast in the grass, and I had no Eve, So that pun "Petered" out and I had to "resurrect" the last-supper thing)...
    Posted by LazarusintheSanatorium

    WoW! That was very very Witty!...... Good One!....... Bravo!.......  The first problem here is that Mahoney would never make the Crucifixtion, he would drop the Cross,(like the Ball), and go the wrong way, only 100 yards to the hill and can't make it, negative yards, sorry Romans (Fans)!!  Second, when Pilate asks him if he is King of the Running Backs, instead of Baloney saying nothing, he would say YES I am King, and I'me gonna run even harder! Leaving Pilate, (like Belicheck...speechless and scratching his head!).....So now you have no Crucifixtion at all, and people (fans) wondering if Pilate is in denial (like Belicheck).
    3rd, you have the 12 deciples (his teamates) wondering if he can ever really preform a miracle at all! Within time they will walk away just laughing, because unlike the Real Jesus, this guy (Baloney, Mahoney, whatever you wish to call him), is nothing but a HOAX.  Now, can i get an AMEN?