Married to the Pats

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    Married to the Pats

    Look- just because Pats fans rag on the team for poor performance does not imply that they jumped off the (band)wagon or quit on the team.  It's a lot like being married...we might get mad at them, but we're still hitched.  You dig?

    Personally, I wish some fans would stop criticising those of us who tell it like it is.  Perhaps all of the false optimism and patting led to the demise against the Giants?  After all, the Patriot teams that won in the past were hungry. 

    However, it certainly appears as though we tell our (more recent) teams how great they are.  Quite frankly, this team hasn't done anything.  In fact, they look horrible.  Let them work themselves out of it.  If they choose not to, they'll surely be disbanded, simply put.  However, the "champions, before they earn it bit" is getting old.

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    Re: Married to the Pats

    I am a patriot fan.  We will be ok