Marvin Austin

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    Marvin Austin

    Final Word: In scouting defensive tackles lately, we have been blessed to see the likes of Glenn DorseyNdamukong SuhGerald McCoy and Sedrick Ellis. In 2009 we proclaimed Ndamukong Suh the best defensive player we had ever scouting- and we are sticking to this. However, Marvin Austin is the most athletic defensive tackle we have seen to date. His ability to chase down the ball carrier and his freakish speed make him among the most dangerous defensive players in college football. He has the full arsenal of strength, size, speed and awareness that NFL General Managers are looking for in today’s defensive tackle.

    While Austin may not be the pure player Suh is, he is a deadly combination of Suh’s ability to collapse the pocket and Gerald McCoy’s speed and athleticism.

    Worth a look I think...

    He's been cut a bunch of times, but maybe Pats can figure it out.

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