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Marvin Harrison to Pats?

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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    I think the best four teams in personnel matters are the Patriots, Colts, Steelers, and Chargers. All these teams have managed to find starters not only in the draft, but (especially in NE and SDs cases) in guys cut from other teams. As much as I hate Polian, the guy is great at his job. Before he went to Indy he built the Bills teams of the late 80s to early 90s. They may have choked in the big lights, but they made it there four times. The Colts are not as good at cap management as NE, but they do draft well. The Steelers and Chargers also draft a lot of starters, so we see three of these teams have won 5 of the last 6 Super Bowls, and NE played in the other. But to hear a Colts fan crying about being "disrespected" by the media...lay off smoking that stuff, man! Maybe with Tony Dungy gone the media will be a bit more critical. We Patriots fans are used to it, sometimes that is the price of success. Back to the original subject of this thread...I think Marvin will wind up retiring or geta call after some team has an injury. At the least after the draft and likely the first cuts. He's had a good career, he should just retire a Colt. Look at guys like Favre and Jerry Rice. They tried to hold on but never really had success. In any case I don't see BB signing him.
    Posted by bubthegrub2

    Bub, good points and I will address further but I will address my ultimate point which I believe you may have missed. 

    I do not think that the colts are being disrespected.  Czarnecki lists them as one of the top 6 in the league.  You cannot ask for much more.  The point really was that there are so many pats fans here that don't think the team has "friends" in the media when in fact they are all over the place.  Its as if anyone who makes a negative comment about the pats is "anti-pat".  

    To your other points.  The pats have to be considered the best in the league at picking up quality free agents.  I am not sure that can be argued.  The colts simply do not approach personnel that way.  They get their personnel through the draft.  Yes they have picked up a couple of FA's here and there (vinateri, corey simon {a bust but a real need at the time}, Booger McFarland), but that is not their M.O. like it is for the pats.     

    As for being critical of the colts.  What is there to be critical of?  There is not a media guy in this country who has actually believed that the colts had a top 10 defense even if they produced numbers in a given year to support it.  Why?  because they are right.  We don't and haven't had a top 10 D. 

    The other thing and this may be the bigger reason.  The colts are small market.  the pats are large market (and east coast to boot).  It is not an effing day in the national sports media if boston and ny aren't discussed at length.  When you get that much airplay criticism is going to be a part of it. 

    As for marvin - the colts might ask him to come back for "free" but I think he will turn it down, unless he wants records more than money.
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    Underdogg, I must have misunderstood you before cause i didnt get what you were saying but now that i do i agree with you, you are so many Pats fans assume that anyone who doesnt always pick us to win is a anti pat and its BS. I offton read about a reporter that I like on thsi forum and people will be saying what a anti pat he is and i will think to myself what are they talking about? You are right but so are we, we do have some friends in the media. Mostly in news papers and mags but not as much on TV. People who know football and enjoy the history of the game like Bill Belichick and the pats and will say good things about us but we are right as well that many reporter in the media paint us as the devil on a constant basis. And there is just no denying that.
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    It's just the price of success. The BS about the videotaping didn't help out either. There was truly a witch hunt throughout 07 in the media. But a lot of fans have sort of embellished it even after the furor died down. But I'm not buying the "east coast" bias bit. Any sports news orginization that truly follows the entire NFL is all over the Colts as well. This perception comes from the fact there are more outlets in Boston and NY than in Indy. Even ESPN (who were the worst at gossipmongering and slanted opinions) backed off BB. It's just that a lot of ex-players (many who had lost to NE) put in their two cents worth. With the internet you can find someone on both sides of every story. I have stopped being concerned with the negative hype, I just ignore the "haters" or only read them for laughs!
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    I think this would make a lot of sense.  Historically, the Pats sign free agents because they don't draft well, and they almost always get over the hill players, so why not grab Marvin?  He used to be great!  Oh, and they can get Gonzalez while they are at it. Thoughts?
    Posted by I-Miss-Togah

    Wow, this idiot doesn't know anything about football...
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    Pats draft great.
    It's hard to crack the line-up of a Super Bowl team though. And Super Bowl teams draft lower, of course. But the main thing is - the Starters are, well a Winning Team. It's just harder to crack the line-up.

    Hey, it was Indy that had 2 Pats draftees on their roster last year (Justice Hairston, practice squad, and an OL guy who couldn't make the Patriots cut...)
    It's not the Pats that are picking up the Colts seconds. 
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    As a colts fan I do not know who our practice squad players are.  Thanks for keeping tabs on them.  Please update me occassionally.
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    Re: Marvin Harrison to Pats?

    That's the beauty of forums like this one. You don't really have to do any research if you don't want to (and believe me, I don't). There's always at least a few guys who are zoned in on the "excrutiating minutiae."

    It makes for a nice balance between guys like me .  .  .  who just say whatever popsCool into their head regardless of the facts.