maybe a good loss?

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    Re: maybe a good loss?

    I'd rather we won both.  But we did not.  Now we have to battle it out and beat the Jests.  But we really needed to do that anyway.  So, the damage of the skid isn't as bad as it feels like, just beat the jests and life is good again.  Lose three in a row and give those loudmouth dorks the afc east lead?  Bleccch.
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    Re: maybe a good loss?

     Some losses are helpful I guess. The giants in 2007 credited that tough loss against the Pats in week 17 when they blew a 4th quarter lead worse than the Pats did yesterday to building up their confidence. They felt like they should have beaten the best team in the NFL and during the playoffs they finally played up to their potential. Last year the Packers thought their last second loss to the Pats without their starting QB was a big confidence builder. At the time everyone thought the Pats were clearly the best team in the NFL. If their back up QB could do that than they knew with Rodgers they could easily beat the best teams in the NFL. Unfortunately for the Pats both those teams were underdogs who gained confidence in the loss. Yesterday the Pats were heavy favorites at home and lost. If Patriot defenders learn not to commit egregious pass interferences late in the game then at least something good was learned. 
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    Re: maybe a good loss?

    i agree with the op. a lot of young players in this team. what i saw yesterday over three qtrs was a platform to build a d upon.

    last week i thought this d would give up 20-24 each game. yesterday, i thought they showed capability. i don't the team knew that the d could play that well. now they know they can. they just have to pull it together for 60.

    there was also a good sign on that pit-bal game. this bal d that everyone was raving about allowed 20 pts. that's just one fg better than the pats. and to think that they do not have this glaring weakness than can be exploited like the pats pass d.

    they also now cannot deny that there are problems with the o. like it or not if this team is going far unless they find ways to score against good Ds. the good Ds that used to be incapable of scoring can score now - bal, pit, etc.

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    Re: maybe a good loss?

    In Response to Re: maybe a good loss?:
    Well, consider yourself open to listening to a different opinion and one that is at least well sourced with evidence up the ying yang. I think it's funny and sad at the same time that the D has improved in these areas as opposed to previous seasons: 
    1. Run D
    I agree that the Run D has improve since the start of the season, but they still gave up 4.0 per carry to the Giants backup RB. That is not great.
    2. Red Zone D
    Not sure where you get this from. The Patriots gave up 3 TDs and a FG in 5 Red Zone trips. The are middle of the pack (17th) in terms of percentage of TDs per Red Zone trips. However, they lead the NFL in terms of Red Zone Trips allowed. The let the opponent make it into the Red Zone nearly twice as much as SF who leads the league at 2.2 opponent Red Zone trips per game.
    3. Pass Rush (That's right folks, pretty nasty yesterday, even old friend Ron Brace penterated to the point he was held numerous times as  well)
    I totally agree that the pass rush has improved. I think Carter maybe be the best defensive free agent we have signed since Rodney. However, I am sick of the BS about how we are being held and not getting calls. Fans of every teams in every sport are convinced that more calls go against their team than for them so I just dismiss those arguments outright
    And...wait for it....3rd down D.... Outside of the poor showing in Pitt in this area, in 3/4 games this D has just played, it's BEEN OUTSTANDING. Very low percentage in the jets game, Dallas game and now this game.
    First off all, if anything on this team had consistently "BEEN OUTSTANDING" they would not be 5-3 right now. On the the season they are 28th in terms of opponent 3rd down pct. There is now way they could be rank that low if they were "OUTSTANDING" in 6 of 8 games.
    The 3rd down percentage has been up and down all year so it is impossible to say that one or the other is the "real" defense. The issue is that when they need the big play, they have not gotten it the past two weeks. They held the Giants to 1-11 on third down for the the first 53 minutes of the game. Then when a third stop would have won the game, the Giants were 3-3. 
    And you know what the irrationals do? They say "yeah, but". 
    1. Yeah, but Sanchez blows.  I agree he's not very good, but people were all over them in the Oakland game complaining, so they improved. 
    2. Dallas dind't have Bryant in there enough in the second half. 
    3. Eli was missing Nicks and Bradshaw, so their other WRs blow and Jacobs is easy to bring down. 
    It's a constant scanning for excuses as to why what we are really seeing as gradual improvement, isn't reality. 
    Those are all true. They are reality. This defense is not good. You are the one constantly making excuses for they they are 32nd in yards allowed and 20th in points allowed.
    When our 3rd down D was poor against Pitt, our D still only allowed 23 points and we were in the game! What does that tell you?
    It tells me that we still lost the game. I do not think the D "lost" the Giants game, but it certainly had a chance to win it and failed.
    Compare or non existent rush to the 2009 D or our edge Run D or red zone D in 2010 to this year's. Night and day. Tony Dork Mazz will tell you the 2009 was "ranked 13th".  And anyone with a brain knows this D is light years better than that one. This D has still  yet to allow a 100 yard rusher and I am not even sure they've allowed more than 100 yards from the groups of RBs they've faced. A blistering Dallas rushing attack was held to like 3.1 yards per carry. Murray went off again yesterday for 140.
    I can tell you a stat that the 2009 (and 2010) team was definitely better than the 2011 team halfway through the season. It is the only stat that matters - number of wins.
    Overall we are giving the second most yards per play in the entire NFL. How can that be a "good" defense? 
    I think the run defense is okay, but you are totally missing the point on this one. This teams is allowing a record number of passing yards. Literally, the most passing yards allowed in the history of the NFL. Why would a coach hand the ball off enough to get a 100 yard rusher against a team like that? They yards per carried allowed is 4.3, which is 18th in the NFL (aka mediocre). The reason they do not allow 100 yard rushers is that they have the 5th fewest rushing attempts against. Running the ball repeatedly against this team would just be bad coaching. Why bother when teams are average 8.0 yards per pass attempt?
     The improvements are clearly there.  We have the trench issue improved.   Tackling and consistency with the pass D in man and zone need some work, yes. There were countless times yesterday where when our 4 man rush wasn't getting there fast, our coverage had Eli throwing it away or not able to make a clean read.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

    I saw a great stat today that summed up the difference between this Patriots team and the championship teams. The last time the Patriots were held to less than 21 points for three straight games was 2003. They won all three games. Has the defense improved? Yes, in places, but the players are just not there. Arrington should be a 3rd corner. Ihedigbo should be a dime back. Sergio Brown, Phillip Adams and Antwaun Molden should be on the practice squad.
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    Re: maybe a good loss?

    No loss is good. In 08 we went 11-5 and missed the playoffs.