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Mallett to the Browns will probably heat up. Browns will have to give up number 6 overall pick this year, plus more. No clue what else.



If BB could get anywhere near the 6th overall for Mallett than I think he would trip over himself to take that trade.  I suspect this is some of the most wishful thinking I've ever heard.




Here's the deal Mallet was highly touted by many coming out of college and was infact graded out as the 3rd best of the class by many of the national pundits. The reason is because he has what can't be coached...a cannon

What separates the top prospects from the middle of the pack coming out of college are two tangables....Accuaracy and arm strength...Tebow has a strong arm but can't hit a bus 20 yards downfield...What separates the guys that get on the field in the NFL from those that stand around holding a clip board or end up like you and I with real jobs, is what's between thier ears. The ability too, in real time, read and react to the very complicated coverages of most NFL defenses and stick throws into very small windows that close quickly...

How many can't miss QB's have fallen by the wayside due to not having the cranial capacity to process and command the very complicated playbooks and the abiltiy to digest the volumes of notes on mastering the offensive and defensive schemes in the NFL...Raw athleticism alone won't cut it and maturity also plays a role...

Regaring Mallet, none of us are privy to how well he grades out at practice on any of the above. My guess is that Belicheck and McDaniel's both know what they have and his value will be based on just that...not what another team wants to pay, but rather what would it take to get the Patriots to entertain the idea of trading him. If they have concluded that he's simply a victom of playing behind one of the greatest of all time and will one day be a very good NFL QB when his time comes...Why would they simply give him away?


We can talk all day long about what the experts thought his value was, but what we know for sure is that none of the 32 teams felt he was worth a first round pick or a second round pick and most didn't think he was worth a third and since that time he has done nothing to increase his value.  He has played less football and has a shorter contract than two years ago.  I cannot think of a single backup QB who has ever drawn a trade without actually playing.


Anythings possible but I think the first GM who trades a first or a second or even a third for a guy they could have had two years ago for less will be on the hot seat.  I'd love it, I hope I'm dead wrong, I just don't see it.


The reason I would trade him is because his contract is up in two years and Brady will not be retired in 2 years.  So you either let Brady walk or Mallett walk and my money is on Mallett.  If you can get something more than a 3rd now I would take it In a heartbeat because in 2 years you get nothing.

No team felt Brady was worth a 5th rounder and that includes the team that drafted him...I don't disagree, that how he (Mallet) was valued by the experts coming out of college has any merit. What does is how Belicheck values him and if another team offers him a draft pick from the 1st round to the 7th and Belicheck bites we'll all have our answer. Frankly I don't feel strongly either way...If they keep him I trust that Belicheck sees him as at minimum as a competent B/U...If they trade him, based on the return we'll know how much he was valued by both parties.