Mayo is just not that good.

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    Re: Mayo is just not that good.

    "Well, you're a pinkhat. I don't care if it's bothersome or not. Your commentary here shows us that you're a pink hat who could stand to learn more about the game.

    Who do you think you'll bash this next week on D?  Is it Nink's turn next week? lol"

    Actually if you weren't so involved in reading your own drivil or constantly bashing Brady you might of read a few of my posts, over the past 2 weeks, praising the move for Talib and how his addition has improved the Defense or the love I threw Arrington's way for having a very good game.  But your selective memory serves your schtick better.

    Hopefully our Defense plays well next week, based on the level of compitition they better.

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    Re: Mayo is just not that good.

    In response to Ytsejamer1's comment:

    First off...never compare Bruschi to Mayo.  It's not even apples and's like apples and kiwis!

    Bruschi had less physical talent that Mayo, but that guy knew where to be and when.  In the big, critical spots, you knew that Bruschi was going to be right where he needed to be.  He had some great instincts and his talent was developed along the way. 

    Mayo has the raw tools, but thus far I don't think he's had the instincts to make those big, big plays.  I think Mayo is a good player, but along with mthurl, I kind of expect a bit more from such a highly drafted player.  Is he terrible?  HECK NO!  Am I glad we have him? Sure thing...absolutely!  I don't think it's unreasonable to expect and want a bit more from a player taken at #10.