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Mayo Update?

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    Re: Mayo Update?

    In response to ricky12684's comment:

    i look forward to more logical patriot bashing gems from the mthurl crew

    Yes maybe we should trade Brady for Tony's that for logic?

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    Re: Mayo Update?

    "I have no idea why Brady has this penchant now for morphing into Romo at the worst times, but it's the truth."


    And without Talib and Dennard, Mayo has disappeared.  Why can't you admit it?  Brady executes better with a healthy GRONK in the Offense just like Mayo executes better when surrounded by better talent.  It's that F**king simple.  Just acknowledge that and we can move on from this silliness.

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    Re: Mayo Update?

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    In response to mthurl's comment:

    In response to RockScully's comment:

    What a shock. Only Mt Hurl comes in to be over the top critical of a defensive player.

    Gee, guys, do you think you'll make excuses for Tom Brady in this postseason again?

    Or, is it "no more excuses" for Tommy in January and February this year also?  Hmm?

    I know! He's a starter on defense and heaven forbid we be critical of that! I mean, how could a starter have trouble with 20 yards of grass that he is supposed to be covering?

    Think about this for a second...there is not one single person in all of NE - or the country, for that matter - that blames Brady. It's just you. That make sense?? Think about that for a second. 

    That's false.  I know many people who have asked what's wrong with Brady in recent postseasons, as the data supports.

    Take out 2 outlier games (his worst and best Balt in 2009 and Denver in 2011's playoffs) and his overall numbers look like this since 2005 in the posteason:

    19 TDs

    13 INTs


    That's bordering on Tony Romo type stuff and we know where is right now.

    Every time a troll here tries to focus on a player on this defense, irrationally, I'll be here to remind everyone WHO we REALLY need to pick his game up for us.


    27 TDs and 17 ints since 2005. So now Brady has to forfeit one of the greatest games in playoff history so you can prove some point which is obviously ridiculous. Brady is one of the greatest qbs of all time and Revis is still better than McCourty and Leigh Bodden.