Mayo's Replacement

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    Mayo's Replacement

    It appears that Mayo will be out for some extended period of time. I've seen some posts by Tom Curran that suggest it is Mayo's left MCL. We don't know yet the extent of the injury (sprain,etc.), but probably safe to assume anywhere from 2-6, or maybe more weeks.

    With an already thin LB corps, how do you propose we cover the middle until he returns?

    Our current LB corps, less Mayo, consists of;
    1. Spikes
    2. Ninkovich (listed as DE)
    3. Guyton
    4. Fletcher
    5. White
    6. Tarpinian
    7. Cunningham (listed as DE)

    Do we give Tracy White and Tarpinian more playing time, or possibly bring in a FA in Mayo's absence?

    There isn't a lot of talent out there in free agency. Some have talked about possibly trading for Curry, or taking a shot on Lofa Tatupu.

    It seemed before the injury to Mayo that the Pats were best suited to run 3 LB's. Couple this with our injuries on the DL, do you also think we'll see more 3-4? Alex Silvestro could be promoted from the PS, and he's played LB at Rutgers. We could Spikes/Guyton in the middle, with Nink and Cunningham/Silvestro outside...use Fletcher/White as depth.

    This is the 1 injury we just couldn't afford next to Brady and Wilfork. How do you think we replace him guys?
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    What about that guy from Miami who recently retired?  Chowder or something like that? 
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    Spikes did seem to pick it up today. He was a lot more visible today and in on more plays than last week.

    I'm good with Fletcher and Guyton as 4-3 OLB's and Spikes in the Middle. I think that's a decent group, but the problem is no real depth behind them in White nor Tarpinian.

    also, who would spell Spikes? Move Fletcher or Guyton over? What about Nink as a 4-3 ILB with Spikes playing strong side OLB?

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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

     lofa tapatu if his knees are alright
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    I don't think they are in trouble either's just who's behind those 3. Tarpinian is unproven, and White is a decent sub, but you're not going to get much out of him.

    Outside of those 3, we have basically no one. Would BB risk it sticking with those 3 until Mayo returns? I got to think he'll do something.
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    In Response to Re: Mayo's Replacement:
    They could simply go 4-3 and give it to Fletcher.  Spikes is too slow for a 4-3 OLB role, but he could be ok at MLB. Just have Fletcher makes the calls and put him at the strong side, as the better tackler vs Guyton. Fletcher, Spikes, Guyton/White/Tarpinian Or, if they do run the 3-4, I am ok with a Spikes/Fletcher combo down the middle.  Spikes had a nice game today.  He can thump.
    Posted by RidingWithTheKing

     I'm not sure what Guyton brings to the table but I agree with you totally about Fletcher. He's a bright guy with good tackling skills who seems to provide better pass coverage on tight ends and guys out of the backfield than either Spikes or Guyton. Don't know about Tarpinian but it looks as if he'll get his shot.
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    Play White, Spikes and Guyton @ ILB in a rotation. I thought White looked serviceable. Its time to step up for these guys.
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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    This one is obvious.... starts with Guyton and Spikes.... from there Fletcher and who else needs to be thrown in the mix.

    But it's Guyton with Spikes.

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    Re: Mayo's Replacement

    JUNIOR SEAU!!!!!!!!