McCourty Benched, Arrington

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    McCourty Benched, Arrington

    At times these guys show the cover skills of Antonio Langham and the closing skills of Duane Starks. You have to ask yourself, Will they be on the bench come next game? What happenned to McCourty's tackling skills, on Ravens TE touchdown, he would have made former Patriot Asante Samual look like an All-Pro tackler.  I understand that a pass rush makes a difference and a non-pass rush makes an even bigger difference, however basic skills like covering and tackling are for the bygone era's.

    McCourty repeat after me, "the ball is my friend, I will catch it"...... 

    Arrington repeat after me, "turnstyle defense is bad"......

    Where are you Earthwind Moreland?

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    Re: McCourty Benched, Arrington

    DMC - I just don't undrstand how he's always 3 steps behind or on the rare occasion when he's tight he rapes the reciever and gets flagged.

    Arrington - Dude was an emergency stop gap a few years ago who somehow never learned the position yet keeps his job.