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McShay's first round picks

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    Re: McShay's first round picks

    I agree with you TexasPat3, immediate needs, Pass Rusher DL, OL, WR , RB in that order. Light is getting long in the tooth, time to move Vollmer over to LT and Drafter an RT

    Most likely we can pick up a decent RB free agent, though i'm not against trading Clevend for there RB, LOL.
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    Re: McShay's first round picks

    I would draft Mikel Leshoure over Ingram

    He fits our needs more especially if we keep BJGE, Woody, and Faulk

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    Re: McShay's first round picks

    17 = Kerrigan, Agreed
    28 = Gabe Carimi
    33 = Mike Pouncey
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    Re: McShay's first round picks

    In Response to McShay's first round picks:
    17...DE Ryan Kerrigan/Purdue and #28 RB Mark Ingram/Alabama...I like the DE with the first pick(JJ Watt or Ryan Kerrigan?). I dont like the RB pick at 28. I think we should go best OLB available or best OL available??? Who would you guys want??
    Posted by patsox9-8

    Even though they both played DE in college, JJ Watt would translate to the 3-4 differently than Kerrigan would. Because of his size (6-6, 292), Watt would remain a DE, whereas Kerrigan (6-4, 263) would have to transition from DE to OLB.

    Personally, I'd rather have Watt with the 17th pick, as I think that DE is the biggest need for the Pats (by a small margin), followed closely by needs at OLB and along the OL. There's a significant drop off in talent between DE's projected to be 1st rounders and the DE's projected to be 2nd rounders, so it would make sense to fill one of our biggest needs with the best available correlating talent (I know that seems self-evident, but I've always believed that great defenses are built around a strong line, and at the moment, the Pats D-line [even with Ty Warren returning] could be improved).

    I mentioned this in the Mel Kiper thread, and I'll say it again: RB is not nearly as big of a need as DE, OLB, or OL. I know the RB spot could be improved, but I would rather see our higher picks invested on the 3 spots I mentioned. Therefore someone like Mike Pouncey (OG from Florida and favorite of mbeaulieu [not that that's a bad thing!]) or Justin Houston  (OLB from Georgia) would make more sense at 28.
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    Re: McShay's first round picks

    raiders pick dl, unless there are 2-3 dl left at that point and only 1 bookend tackle left.
    pats pick - ot and if a 1st round tackle is not there, don't reach, go og, or olb, if 1st round quality not there, trade back to early second (around 38-41) and get a 4th for the trouble.
    carolina pick - best available of ot, og, c, dl, db in that order.

    for everyone saying draft a running back, why draft a back when we a) have a decent back in law firm, and b) need to upgrade the line for any back to run through.