Media copy cats!

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    Media copy cats!

    Out right theft! It is becomeing so evedent that the media spends half of its time cruseing these message boards fo ideas to write about. Some bordering on pure plagerism. Check this one out at the bleacher report:

    New England Patriots: Could the Pats Feature a Four Tight End Formation?


    (Correspondent) on September 3, 2012

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    Rich Schultz/Getty Images

    Over the past two years, the New England Patriots have somewhat revolutionized the tight position through the extended use of Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski.

    The two tight ends, drafted in 2010, have recorded a combined 256 receptions for 3,346 yards and 41 touchdowns in two years, making the Patriots’ offense one of the most dominant units in the NFL.

    It’s an amazing achievement and a testament to Hernandez and Gronkowski that the Patriots have done all of this while often carrying only two tight ends on the roster. With the exemption of veteran run blocker Alge Crumpler in 2010, the Patriots have not had a third tight end stick on the roster for an extended period of time.

    That could all change this year as the Patriots project to have four tight ends on the roster, with the addition of veterans Daniel Fells and Visanthe Shiancoe. Both are versatile tight ends; Fells is a great blocker and Shiancoe is another terrific receiving target for Tom Brady.

    Now the question is: Could we possibly see the Patriots run out a formation featuring all four tight ends on the field at the same time?

    It’s entirely plausible as all four tight ends have the versatility to play on the line, at lead blocker out of the backfield and out wide at receiver. Aaron Hernandez has shown that he can even line up at running back or take reverses.

    A formation with all four tight ends along with a receiver or especially a running back would be, in my opinion, unguardable.

    Assuming a formation of Gronkowski and Fells on the line, with Shiancoe the “move” tight end, Hernandez split out wide and Stevan Ridley in the backfield, how can a defense stop that?


    Hi-res-130546202_crop_exact Hannah Foslien/Getty Images


    Does the defense load up on linebackers to stop the run with three blocking tight ends on the field? Well then how will the defense stop the potential receiving threats of Hernandez, Gronkowksi or Shiancoe?

    These are three players who match up extremely well against linebackers.

    The defense could switch to a dime or nickel defense featuring plenty of safeties and corners. But then New England can just run the ball down their throat as Gronkowski and Fells are among the best blocking tight ends in the NFL.

    The above formation is just an example, as many more exotic formations featuring four tight ends could be used. How about Hernandez lined up at running back and Gronkowski out wide?

    What about Shiancoe at fullback and Gronkowski and Fells on the line?

    The possibilities are endless as this tight end “overload” formation can be used anywhere on the field and on almost any down or distance situation. But where the formation could be truly lethal is the red zone.

    Visanthe Shiancoe and Daniels Fells both stand 6’4’’ while Rob Gronkowski is a 6’6’’ monster made for the red zone.

    Giving Tom Brady three targets of that size along with Aaron Hernandez and a player like Brandon Lloyd or Wes Welker would be indefensible in the red area. Bill Belichick often talks about the importance of converting red zone opportunities into touchdowns and running out four tight ends at once may be the most efficient way to do that.

    Furthermore, by playing all four tight ends at once and keeping the defense guessing, the offensive line is greatly helped out.

    The struggles of the offensive line have arguably been the story of the preseason for New England as a mixture of injuries and inconsistent play have crippled what was once a great line.


    Hi-res-136582630_crop_exact Justin Edmonds/Getty Images


    Adding tight ends to the line will provide much needed help in pass protection as well as run-blocking.

    Gronkowski and Fells in particular have excelled as in-line blockers.

    All things considered, this season’s New England Patriots will have a dominant offense with a lot of versatility. With a new downfield threat in Brandon Lloyd and the return of Josh McDaniels, the Patriots’ figure to throw a lot of different formations and schemes at opposing teams.

    However, it could be the four-tight end formation that causes the most confusion for opposing defenses, and it could be the most unstoppable formation in the National Football League.

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    Patriots_logo1_crop_45x45 Christopher Brady 1030462 posted about 7 hours ago 1346695269 9516134 Christopher Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    Patriots would be the only team capable of this set and I believe they should use this set often. Not many teams have a twin TE set in general or versatile TEs. The Patriots haven't been known much for their running game but having three huge blocking TEs and a receiving TE with a RB definitely would make opposing defenses to think twice before expecting a pass play. The set may put Welker at a position that he feels he is not needed on the Patriots but they gotta win games somehow and I don't think Welker would be that upset losing 30 receptions but getting a ring finally.

    Imagesee_crop_45x45 JT Boyd 120280 posted about 9 hours ago 1346688898 9514239 JT Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    Looking at this roster just leaves me scratching my head. I'm not in the "In Bill We Trust" camp and I have no idea what the thought process is, but my confidence level is not what it was 2 months ago.

    Default-user-icon-comment Zhengfu Ding 1332186 posted about 7 hours ago 1346694014 9515791 Zhengfu Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    I remember when we had Ben Watson and Kyle Brady at TE...... Then we had a draft need for TE.

    Default-user-icon-comment carlo strada 826082 posted about 8 hours ago 1346693318 9515564 carlo Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    Mc daniels new toys!!!!! a lot of screens and rushing plays this year, along short passes to slots and TE. The fact that they have only one long threat on Lloyd, supports this

    48901_1440134598_9401_n_crop_45x45 Tyler Cameron 863927 posted about 6 hours ago 1346700661 9517648 Tyler Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    I love the Idea of a 4 TE Power I with ANY of the RBs in the backfield.

    Default-user-icon-comment Kevin C 839964 posted 21 minutes ago 1346718743 9522536 Kevin Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    Or a 3 TE SET with Gronk Hernandez and Fells with Vereen in the back field for screen passes and Bradndon LLoyd going deep. How could you stop that!

    Tumblr_ls34juohsg1r1tzmko1_400_crop_45x45 William Jordan 876536 posted about 4 hours ago 1346705464 9518956 William Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    i would be surprised...

    N1580454178_1668_crop_45x45 Brian Heisler 166278 posted about 3 hours ago 1346710392 9520252 Brian Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    Ah yes... and don't forget about Jake Ballard down the road (for those Pats-haters who think this is a 1-year thing). Maybe 5 TEs? Maybe Hernandez in the backfield with Fells and Ballard chipping the rusher / inline blockers and Gronk and Visanthe out wide? (OK they probably would not keep Visanthe if/when Ballard is healthy...)

    Burnout_car_crash_crop_45x45 crash 722419 posted about 7 hours ago 1346694441 9515919 crash Contributor I 1 comment collapsed

    This would be really cool to watch! Really hard to stop also.

    just now posted just now
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    Then reveiw the thread:
    Era of the TE part-timer 32 3 days ago by part-timer

    Then tell me we do not have media trolls cruseing these boards for their jobs!!!
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    Re: Media copy cats!

    WOW! we have a true FAKO trolling these boards!!! After checking out the correspondent for bleacher report who did this article, named Imala Weligamage, and her resume of articles, it looks like reading this message board. The greater quantity of her work comes right from these pages. Only questin is who she is and what is her posting name here?????
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    Re: Media copy cats!

    Yes, but don't blame me ...LOL Last time I checked .....

    Strange coincidence indeed PT. Same article with the main ideas just spread around.  Rusty, why are'nt you commenting on PT thead 'Era of TE'?
    Go there and contribute, I want to hear what you and others think about it.

    Have a good night ...
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    Re: Media copy cats!

    Can't blame them. I've been coming here for years for my Pats news, the thoughts and ideas here are far better than anything the people getting paid to write come up with.
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    Re: Media copy cats!

    they've been doing this for years...