Media Hates the Pats

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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

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    In Response to Media Hates the Pats : I know! It's a conspiracy! Why didn't we all see it before?! Here is a list of people conspiring against the Pats out of "jealousy" (my favorite) or whatever the latest whine is: the Pope the "liberal media" the Queen of England ABC NBC and CBS Terry Bradshaw Hulk Hogan Everyone at ESPN, even the guys sweeping the floors Jesus Buddha The entire State of Israel Osama bin Laden Obama and both Bushes Mick Jagger Metallica (all 4 guys, the roadies, management and fans!) Sarah Palin Roger Godell David Stern Howard Stern The NY Rangers Derek Jeter The entire Phillies team anyone wanna add anyone I've forgotten?
    Posted by JintsFan

    You forgot,
    the conservative media
    the british parliament
    Howie Long or Roger Staubach
    Roddy Piper
    Pontius Pilate
    George W Bush
    Al Gore
    Michael Dukakis
    Paul McCartney
    Duran Duran
    Keith Olbermann
    DeMaurice Smith
    Bill Hunter
    The New York Islanders
    The Mets
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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

    It's time to end this thread and I will do that by proclaiming that the media loves the Pats. It's a slobbering love affair much like the one they have with Obama. Belichick will never pay for another meal as long as the press is around and we're looking at a possible Nobel prize in literature for the content of Bill's playbook.
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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

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    I find the things I hear in the media absolutely incredible when these so called experts talk about the Pats.  When they beat Tenn. all I heard was that the Pats were, once again, running up the score on a coach that was a goody-goody.  I heard this comment consistently 2 years ago.  Funny, I never heard any comments about all of the lopsided scores this year by other teams, especially not about the Colts score against St. Louis.  Also, I keep hearing how the Colts and Manning are unbelievable this year but I also just heard that the Pats have not played anybody.  Do these "experts" look at anything?  The Colts won-loss numbers of the teams they played so far is 11-26, the Pats 20-25 and "we" have not played anybody!  By the way, the Minn. team was already picked for the SB and the won-loss of opponents is 17-28. Bill B. does not give these experts anything so they really hate him!  They have also turned the rest of the country into Pats haters although most Pats haters are just plain jealous!  The Pats are the best team of the century but one would never know this listening to these bunch of clowns!
    Posted by goodsport

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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

    I absolutely agree with you and I think I know what the reason is my friend ! For the same reason the yankees became hated by most of the country ( The patriots were the winning'est team of the decade and people got bored with it ) All we did was win so when they see scores like this they want to be so quick to ridicule. Billy B ask's his team to play as if they are going to score on every drive and that is exactly what they do ! And another reason I stand by you and your comment about the media , when it comes to brady breaking records with 6 TD's in the scnd qtr or our point leads nothing ever gets as much coverage as Bret Favre I love the man but d@#! if the man farts it on ESPN's highlight reel for 3 weeks !    
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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

      It all goes back to the tuck rule.

      Many sports media people questioned that call even though it was the correct call.

     A lot of  non-Patriots fans bought into the idea that the NFL fixed that game because of 9/11.

     So now the NFL feels it has to even things out by consitantly making bad calls againts New England.
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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

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    In Response to Media Hates the Pats : They hate Bill Belichick not necessarily the team. They have been doing this for years. They love Bill Parcells so they ripped Belichick for the way he came here from the Jets saying that he stabbed the Tuna in the back. Kevin Mannix referred to him as duplicitous pond scum. Ted Sarandis called him a creep and said that this was a bad day in Patriots history.You really need to quit listening to and reading the so called experts. They are "bad Karma" and will just drag you down if you are a Pats fan. I quit ESPN after their nonstop 6 month spygate attack and I'm happier for it. I don't recommend listening to Mike Felger either. These guys make their money being negative and I'm not supporting them.
    Posted by ewhite1065

    Amen, brother.  I only watch ESPN when I have to for exactly the same reasons as you mention - even though they have Bruschi now, and have made the ESPNBoston website.  Too little too late.  I get nauseous whenever I hear Greenberg's voice now - and he's terrible even without his obvious biases.  In fact I find it hard to even the watch sunday night football commentary for that matter.
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    Re: Media Hates the Pats

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    I think we are a bunch of paranoids in New England.  We're all convinced that the rest of the country hates the Pats, the Celtics, the Sox, etc.  With winning comes with hatred and jealousy from other people. The Boston sports scene has done well as of late.  Some media don't appreciate running up the score by the Pats, finger wagging and barking by KG, etc.  I say so the eff what?!?  So what?  Do we need everyone to love our teams?  I know they resepct them, even if they come here to taunt.  This hatred -- it's not to the extent that we all think.  I read lots of national stuff and by far most of the press is positive.  Let's get over ourselves a bit, eh? 
    Posted by BrooklineRob

    Speaking as someone who lives in the midwest now . . . most definitely the vast majority of people hate the Pats.  The national media has turned them into the villains of the NFL.  Can you imagine how the media would have reacted if BB said something about kissing somebody other coaches ring, or if a Pats player got in front of the press and started trashing the other team's coach?  Of course if it's the coach from the Jets, or classy LT, that behavior is "competitive" or "intense", if it's the Pats, it's a national crisis.