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MERRILL HOGE: "Joe Flacco is the BEST qb in the league.....PERIOD!" Anyone else AGREE with me and him? Check out the new pecking order!

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    One needs to look no further than the source....Hoge is a boob!!

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    This sounds an awful lot like when we heard Eli was the best QB in the league after his postseason run in 2011.  I think the 90 other games Flacco has played thus far in his career are a more representative sample as they were for Eli.  Good QBs, who had an excellent stretch of play at the right time of year, but not the best in the NFL.

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    In response to tanbass' comment:

    One needs to look no further than the source....Hoge is a boob!!

    I have other choice words for that idiot!!

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    Hoge is a complete buffoon.

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    If the 49ers had won, Kapaernick would be "the best". If the Pats had won, Brady would still be "the best". If the Falcons had won Ryan would have taken the next step and have become "the best".

    This is nothing but a knee jerk reaction to winning the Super Bowl. I feel like after the last four or five Super Bowls the winning QB gets crowned as "the best" in the NFL regardless of anythin else...

    2011 - Eli Manning, 2010 - Rodgers, 2009 - Brees, 2008 - Roethlisberger

    Who cares. There are so many sports writers, reporters and commentators all over the place right now. I feel like if you dig you can find just about every opinion possible. I do give credit to Flacco winning the Super Bowl. I was not sure if he was a good enough QB to do that in the modern NFL (where a good defense only takes you so far). Is the "best"? Probably not, but he has the most important thing, he is currently the NFL champion.

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    Merrill.....bad NFL Talent....bad hairpiece,,,,,bad commentator,,,,,well know Patriot Hater....I hold his opinion right up there with sxit on a stick Collingsworth....

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    He simply played well at the right time and had a hot streak.  When you are in the spotlight, the kudos are large and over the top given his overall career accomplishments to date.

    Look how often they mention the "most playoff road wins" for a starting QB.  Well, that means he could not lead the team to have home field advantage enough, doesn't it?  Win the division, get the byes and he may not have had to do so much on the road!

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    Had a good post season  run not the best QB in the league Merrill Hodge will say anything Patriot haters I watched the show he put manning out of top 5 which is ridiculous had Flacco at number 1, Rodgers 2 Brady 3,  he even left Bree's out and put his boy Big Ben in it are you serious leaving manning and Brees out of top 5 replacing them with Big Ben and flacco that is a joke. 

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    I find Hoge and the Contrarian in the same boat.  A lot of nonsense spewd more often than not.  Personally, I didn't thing Flacco would be able to continue his run.  I don't think he's ever put this number of games together before.  It's usually two or three and then oops!  The is either getting intercepted or badly missing it's target.

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    I'm surprised Hoge picked Flacco over his boy Rothlesberger.

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    In response to Patsman3's comment:

    In response to BostonProSportsLover's comment:


    now i've heard of agitating to push the needle. the Contrarian was a master at that but this is ACTUALLY not so ridiculous... hoge emphasized being in reality (being the overall work of now). when you go thru an entire playoff after making it your first 5 years, having more playoff wins than anyone during that stretch in history, and more road playoff wins than legends named peyton, tb, rodgers, brees and even eli.. then throw 11TDs with no picks while beating the recent two best guys in tb and peyton and the people's best in colin k... yeah, i will put the man at he top of the food chain and use that in any negotiations! i always thought he was underrated. felt he was a top 10 guy (right beneath matt ryan) but as of now, he's clearly at the top of the food chain and just age 28.. PAY the man!

    the present pecking order is flacco-colin k-tb-russ wilson-rodgers-peyton-rg3-ryan-eli-big ben-luck... and then the REST!


    Maybe your dumbest post ever....and that's saying alot.  Colin K?  Russ Wilson?  RG3?  Combined SB = ZERO.  Combined MVP's = ZERO  Combined hype machines = 3.  I bet you had Vick and Young in the top 5 after there first years as well. 


    Greatest is something earned over time. The true test isn't what you do your first year, its what you do once teams adjust to you.  God, Sanchez went to the AFC title game his first two years, you probably had him ahead of Brady and Manning at the time.  How did that work out?

    Exactly, Good post.

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    The latest NFL offensive fad is scrambling QB's. Cordell Stewart of the Steelers was one of the first, then Michael Vick, Cam Newton, RGIII, Russell Wilson, Colin K who have won zero SB's between them. RGIII had knee surgery in 2009 while at Baylor and recently had major surgery on both knees and is out for 8-12 mos, he may miss the entire 2013 season and his scrambing days could be over. Scramblers have short shelf lives. The prototypical 6'4" - 6'6" pocket QB wins SB's. Brees is the exception. Hoge is just another ESPN Pat hater and his opinion is irrelevant. 


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    Hardly a surprise that Merril Hoge would make such idiotic statement.  Flacco had a great playoff run and was helped by some good to excellent O-line and receiver play.  As has been alluded to above, let's see what he does over time.  To this point in his career he has not been at all consistent.