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Mesko's a class act

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    Mesko's a class act

    This was on the ESPN Boston Blog:

    Punter Zoltan Mesko posted the following statement to his Facebook page

    “First and foremost, I want to thank the New England Patriots for everything they have done for me. I have nothing but love in my heart as I depart this great organization. Mr. [Robert] Kraft, the coaches, the strength staff, the trainers, the media personnel, the marketing department, the rest of the amazing staff members at Gillette, and especially my teammates…THANK YOU for all that you have given and have done for me. I want to say that I see the silver lining in things now more than ever, and am a true believer that things DO happen for a reason. This goes out to anyone that will ever come across a mere bump in the road; be thankful, be positive, because there’s a deeper purpose of WHY things happen that we may not yet, or may never come to understand. Just believe. I will miss New England, and more than anything, I’ll be missing the smiles on those kids whom I visited and acted like a goofball in front of. It was ALL worth it. God bless.”
    Just seems to me that this guy has a great attitude and the kind of person you want on your team. I think this is a huge loss to the Patriots community. Not sure if it is a huge loss in skills versus Allen, but think he is a class act and hate to see him leaving the Pats.
    Biggest surprise of the day for me.
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    Re: Mesko's a class act

    Most kids from good familys are.

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    Re: Mesko's a class act

    I read somewhere he is working on a MBA degree and spends his summers interning in a private equity firm.  Best of luck to a good person.

    Living well is the best revenge.

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    Re: Mesko's a class act

    In case you guys missed this when he was drafted, here's a really good article about Zoltan from Maize n Brew.

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    Re: Mesko's a class act

    It's business.  Mesko is a free agent after one year and Ryan Allen can give the Patriots four good years. 

    Mesko will almost certainly be picked up off waivers and will punt next week for somebody or other.