and failed to put them away. after blowing them away in the first half, using the 'wildcat', tony sparano suddenly went verticle in the 2nd half, and let NO back into the game, a game the Dolphins could have and should have won easily. yes, the saints did a nice job getting back into the game, but they also were helped along big-time by Miami, who handed the game to them on a silver platter. my point is this...while visiting miami... the great new orleans saints really didn`t look all that good to me and should have suffered their first defeat. are they a really really good football team, yes they are. but time will tell how good or how great they really are. and remember this, the first game of the 2001 season against buffalo, the pats were beaten 31-0. all the pundits said the season was over for new england right then and there. oh really? we shall see.