Miami shows up on the road

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    Miami shows up on the road

    What amazes me is that Miami owns the worst home record in the league at 1 - 7 and the best road record at 6 - 1. I don't think the Patriots should treat this game as a bye week but rather as a tuneup for a very good road team. Heading into the playoffs there will be some tough road opponents coming here to Gillette so lets play to win this game, keep the momentum rolling and not give Miami any gifts. Let the healthy starters play at least 3 quarters and go into the bye week on an 8 game winning streak.

    Here is hoping for 3 more straight home wins, a 10 - 0 season at home and a trip to Dallas in February.

    Thoughts on the Week 17 matchup are welcome.
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    Re: Miami shows up on the road

    Won't show up here. patriots will be prepared. They are the most dysfunctional team around when it comnes to the home/away record.
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