In response to garytx's comment:

there are certain teams that can get out of salary cap hell because those players stunk up the place.  Would you have the balls to cut Calvin Pace, Bart Scott and Jason Smith?  Pretty easy.  Sanchez will be a little bit more difficult.  You need to get someone else in there at QB first before letting him go.

Bosch is up there and his production was way down.  Back when he signed with Detriot a lot of writers were saying that was a bad move then.  I guess he had one good year before the wheels came off.

Teams that will have a harder time with the cap are Baltimore, Pittsburgh and in a couple of years SF will get hit bad.  While the above probably inprove their teams by just getting rid of those players these teams will lose ground to the other teams in the NFL.

The problem with cutting Sanchez is that if you do, you dig youself deeper in Cap hell this year. His cap hit this year is something like 8M, but if you cut him the cap hit for 2013 is 12M because his salary is already guaranteed and you eat next years prorated bonus number as well.