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Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

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    Re: Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

    In response to JimfromFlorida's comment:

    Why does every one not talk about the pass rush being the secondary's best defense? When a QB has 4 sec. + to throw there are few DBs who can cover most NFL recievers.

    This sums it up, even previous shut down corners like Champ Bailey now look vulnerable in the new pass happy NFL.  Flags bail out every QB nowadays...

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    Re: Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

    Ummm, I wouldnt say Champ Bailey is no good anymore. He still holds his man in check every game so that was a bad example. How has Revis feared in this new league. Good Cbs can cover. The problem HERE is we dont know if they are good and just getting bad coaching or if they just arent any good. Any one know where 1st round talent Darius Butler is playing these days...??


    Cmon now. Wozzy I know u watch football. The lack of pressure on our team is because BB wants it. When he wants to bring pressure he can but most games guys are controlling gaps, keeping qbs contains, etc. NO other team in the league is as discipline as ours in regards to containing QBS on bootlegs and I recall maybe ONE guy ever losing contain in this situation under BB and he was probably benched. The point is thoughh, how many naked bootlegs YOU see compared to regular drop backs??  This is the problem IMO. BB tries to cover all bases but ends up being UN agressive in pass rush due to stupid contain fundamentals...  some games it should be scrapped for Qbs who ARENT threats to run

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    Re: Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

    Mighty - I know that there is a difference in how games are being called but as a comparison lets look at ManRat (I know but he was a very good DB's coach) and then look at Boyer (who was the DB coach and involved all things coverage wise including LB's at times until this year when they limited him to just CB couach)

    ManRat had at some point starters by the names of - JeRod Cherry, Eugene Wilson, Randell Gay, Earthwind Moreland, Turrell Buckley, Tyrone Pool. Yes they also had very talented players like Harrison, Law, Samuel (who I consider good but not great, Samuel not Law or Harrison) but the point was he took raw material that clearly became better as the season progressed to the point where other teams would overpay them in the offseason. For the most part these guys weren't high round picks they were

    Boyer on the other hand has had 4 top 50 picks and all of them have regressed since their first full year. I remember coming into the league McCourty was a great coverage CB and, yes, in fact turned his head for the ball. Chung didn't take bad angles and was at least realiable in TE coverage. Heck even Butler was showing promise in his initial year. They always say, esp for DB's, that first year they are still surviving off of instincts and what they knew from college. It's that second year that the coaching takes hold and they are suppose to make a leap heading into the last part of the 2nd year into the 3rd year. Instead the DB's have regressed and not just one but all of them regardless of draft position or previous ability. They have all started to make fundamental mistakes that they weren't previously making.

    When you narrow down the possible causes objectively the odds that they are just insanely bad at finding DB talent is not as high as them not receiving the proper coaching. And, yes, poor coaching can completely ruin a promising career. We've seen it before and it will continue to be the same in this league.

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    Re: Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

    First and foremost , BB does not value DBS like he values DLs or lbs .

    the team has invested its money in these other areas and let talented players walk...samuel, law.

    one thing about CBs is they play one side of the field and can be invisible on more plays than other positions. Of course the flip side is they get exposed on their island of desperation when they are beat on a play...  this dichotomy  makes the position overvalued in many situations ...

    for example , even namdi gets burned deep, and teams that pay for this talent don't always improve . Another point is if you have a shutdown corner, he doesnt see any action since a team can gameplan to throw elsewhere .

    summing this up, BBs approach with Boyer  makes some sense as a team concept rather than focusing on individuals.  Cutting Moore is an example... He plays ok in a team zone coverage then he's cut like he's completely useless...

    I have a feeling Moore will come back in another roster move like last year.

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    Re: Mike Reiss defends secondary coach

    Come on mighty, Mike Reiss?  The guy is a fluffer for the Patriots Organization.

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