Mike Shanahan

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    Mike Shanahan



    What a disaster in Washington. This time it appears the owner DanSnyder is not at fault for the Redskins collapse because he contractually gave Shanhan total ontrol of the franshise.

    Can someone tell me why Mike Shanhan has such a great reputation as a coach? Read this article to see just how dysfunctional Shanhan and his staff have operated in Washington. If I were looking to hire a coach - no way would I give this guy control over my franchise and yet it appears he will have no problem finding work once he and his son get fired in Washington.

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    Re: Mike Shanahan

    dude is a used up burlap bag. needs to call it a day

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    Re: Mike Shanahan

    Snyder has been a problem for years. Even before Shanahan.  RGIII is a whiner though.