Mike Sims-Walker

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    Mike Sims-Walker

    Fanball.com is saying that the Jaguars are looking to trade him as he's not very popular in the locker room after being deactivated last week because he went out to see a woman after-hours before the game.

    I don't believe it because he's really the only passing threat the Jags have outside of MJD, and he's very talented (something like 250yds and 3 TDs the past two games he's played).

    But assuming the Jags are willing to trade, I think he'd be a GREAT pickup to put on the other side of the field from Moss. That's assuming he's smart enough to play in the system.

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    Re: Mike Sims-Walker

    He's got talent but i wonder how much the Jags would want for him. If he can have a pretty good year with Garrard throwing to him, God bless him.
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    PATS NATION! help me out.  If the Rams RB Steven Jackson is available, the PATS must make that trade NOW!  Give them Maroeny(he's a St. Louis Native, I think) and a few draft picks.  The Pats must make that trade.  Brady, Moss and Jackon, oh boy!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: Mike Sims-Walker

    BB is not going to give up any high round draft picks. He already traded Seymour for a pick TWO drafts away! If Jackson could be had for a 3 or 4 then I could see it. Even a couple higher round picks.