Miles Austin

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    Miles Austin

    i'm pretty sure the jets signed him to an offer sheet this past offseason. i'm glad the cowboys matched, the way he is playing right now!
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    Re: Miles Austin

    I like neither the Jests or Cowboys.  I am think that the Cows will have to offer big money in unrestricted free agency for M. Austin.  I wouldn't mind seeing Austin come over to the Pats, but that is not likely to happen since he will cost too much. 

    With the release of Terrell Owens, Austin started the regular season as the Cowboys' No. 3 receiver. During free agency, the New York Jets looked at Austin but did not offer him a contract, possibly because they would have had to give the Cowboys a second-round draft pick in order to sign him.[4]

    Austin got his first NFL start on October 11, 2009 against the Kansas City Chiefs, as a replacement for injured Roy Williams. Austin had 10 catches for 250 yards (a Cowboys record for receiving yards in a single game, breaking Bob Hayes' 246-yard effort in 1966 against the Washington Redskins) and 2 touchdowns including the 60-yard game winner in overtime. Austin made his second career start on October 25 against the Atlanta Falcons replacing Patrick Crayton as the No. 2 receiver. Austin solidified his place as a starting receiver with 171 receiving yards along with 2 touchdowns. After only two weeks as a starting wide receiver, Austin was the ninth-most productive receiver in the National Football League going into Week 8. [5]