Mock Draft 4/5/14

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    Re: Mock Draft 4/5/14

    If Atl takes Clinton-Dix at #6 their GM should be fired.

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    Re: Mock Draft 4/5/14

    In response to teegee's comment:

    In response to garytx's comment:

    The QB picks are going to be hard to predict.  Right after Bridgewater's bad pro day all the teams that needed a QB went out and got one in FA.  I thought that this sent out a clear message that there isn't a team out there real happy with these group of QBs.  I my opionion there are better players to be had in the top 5 than the QB group.

    You could be right. Al Fronczak of East Coast Sports only has Carr taken with Cleveland's 2nd first round pick!

    That's pretty wild.  I thought the way Carr is being presented is strange.  Did the combine and hit it out of the park.  Yet nothing but crickets.  Seems like he had to do everything perfect just to stay in the same spot. 

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    Re: Mock Draft 4/5/14

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     I think you got Nix going waaaay to early (most "professional mocks" have him falling to the 2nd round). Its clear you read to much Mike Reiss with your Shazier pick! lol good mock, thanks for posting.


    Lol!  I did see that suggestion by Reiss, but I was pretty high on NE drafting Shazier before I saw that.  Lots of discussion about it on the draft thread the past couple of months.  I think Nix goes a lot higher than many expect.


    lol ye3 I have been following the draft thread. Love the 2nd round picks, that is a strong 2nd round! Would be thrilled if we get the TE you predict (wont even try to spelll his name!) lol