Mock Offseason/ Draft/Depth Chart

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    Re: Mock Offseason/ Draft/Depth Chart

    Ricky Sapp does not fall into the 2nd round.  He may not be there for the 1st round pick.  The 1st round pick would be silly to trade if they don't get something better in return.  What you have won't cut it.  This is a deep draft with quality players and unlike last year the higher you are on the ladder the better player you'll get.  They won't trade the 2nd rounders either.  They are super value picks this year.  To trade one of these top four picks someone is going to have to wow them.

    We do need a DE and I like the idea of Spears but the team is going younger.  If the team was a player or two away I would say do it now.  I wonder if we don't have the answer in Pryor anyway.  He was a rookie and has a year of experience behind him.  Now he gets an off year in the weight room under NFL type conditions.  He should improve after a year.

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    Re: Mock Offseason/ Draft/Depth Chart

    The Pats are a seriously flawed team and have needs in all areas. They have regressed to a middle of the pack team and the patient needs major surgery not just a bandaid. They should NOT trade any of their first day draft picks. They need immediate impact players not projects. Bob Kraft has deep pockets to sign impact FA's and they have the draft picks. The net result of all the wheeling and dealing BB has done on draft day has resulted in a mediocore product. Hire a Bill Polian type who can judge talent. It all starts in the trenches and OL and DL should be addressed on the 1st day of the draft.     
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    Re: Mock Offseason/ Draft/Depth Chart

    patsj I agree with that some of our picks will be traded but I believe is to gain significant picks this year.  I think with the depth of this draft, all the holes that need to be filled we need more 2nd and 3rd round picks.

    We have holes in the OL and DL and this is the draft to address those, there are some really good OLBs but those will need to be addressed early as more teams will be gunning for them as they move to a 34 D.

    FA, I think we make a run at Floyd I like what Walter brings but we need a replacement for Moss Floyd would fit that mold.  Walter is still a very productive WR even though he was hurt this year, he's not going to be real cheap. 

    Light, I think he's done with the Pats he could end up in KC for a draft pick or player swap (WR maybe).  Weis knows this is an area the Chiefs has to improve on right away, they'll draft a LT of the future but trade for Light to help for a few years.  I do like you have Matthews but he will be the starter not Laura because he won't be with the team.  I'm on the mind set of a blue light special  see who I think they trade (release is an option but again we need draft picks)

    Players to be traded:
    Laura M.
    Matt Light
    don't know why I also think McGowan is on the trading block

    With these 4, we can gain a few 3rd rounders and 5th or 6th rounders.  Again with depth at DL/DE/DT we can pickup some young tough blue collar kids to come in and relight the fire.
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    Re: Mock Offseason/ Draft/Depth Chart

    Pats7393....I like your blue light special concept. Trade some players with perceived value for picks. I think that would be a smart move.

    Like you, I would like to see the Pats do a serious reload and stock up on more 2nd and 3rd round picks. What do you think about trading Oakland's 2011 1st rounder for 2 2nd's or perhaps a low 1st and 2nd this year? Or our 1st for 2 2nd's this year...I think Carolina has 2 2nd's, not sure how they value out against our 1.

    I think this draft is deep with talent at a lot of positions. If the Pats are going for transformation, we have the ammunition to load up quickly and with good talent.