Mods Please.....

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    Live with the fact these posters simply come back with another identity.  Nothing says you have to pay attention, or even respond, to their inane postings. They are simply looking to tweek this fan base and are giddy whenever someone responds with a "gotcha!" smirk.  Sometimes you try and smack them down, but, they love the punishment.

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    In response to ManningRules' comment:

    Thats funny! You guys talk all that smack and now that your season is over (thanks to Manning) you cannot take the smack talk back. How pathetic!

    not trying to feed this troll guys, but this is unacceptable. 

    It wasn't thanks to Manning. The OL and DL got pushed around all game. The D had no pass rush, and couldn't stop the run. That's a recipe for failure in the NFL. Manning is a great QB, no debate there, but he's not the reason the Pats lost. You thinking otherwise, that's pathetic. This is a NE board so go stroke Mannings sausage pizza elsewhere. Ok Denver beat us one game, we get it. I still think they suck. Go Pats! 

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    In response to MileHighMike's comment:

    This post is Queenie sort of pathetic.  Begging mods to ban someone?  Honestly.  Grow up.  Tell me, why don't you beg the mods to ban the biggest troll here, Mel, and all of his various handles posting the same thing over and over, completely unable to add anyting related to football.  He spams the board for Patsies fans and others alike. No pleads for that one?  

    well mel doesnt make 500 manning threads. i would have no issue if you just responded to ither threads and such. no need to fill up our board with random threads about manning from the most random sources

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    In response to kelvana33's comment:

    In response to mileHIGH42O's comment:


    I'm back!

    This is just sick. Anyone who would post a video of their own moms reaction on the day they extended welfare benefits is just a loser.

    That isn't my mom, that is my fiance celebrating a defender dropping a Manning interception.  She post here as milehighmike.  Her real name is Michelle but we call her Mike.  The Mile High part comes from her always smoking the chronic.  That is all she does all day long is talk Broncos football and smoke the afternoon delight.

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    I think it's a terrific example of low class-no class that you can expect from all Bronco and Colt's fans.  Great to see the lack of sportsmanship exposed to the world.  But, I still have them on ignore.  

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    Re: Mods Please.....

    Lonely people do weird things."


    Though I would like to have a chat with the board "moderators" sometime

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