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    Re: Mods?

    In response to PhatRex's comment:

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    "Same instance"? That's not the correct word choice there. At all. lmao

    Just can't get that IQ up any higher can you? And yes, I was banned again due to you and your buddies reporting me for next nothing, especially compared to what you do here.

    Otherwise why didn't I just keep Bunker and talk about the win after?  McCourty still fumbled. It's not my issues the mods here can't ban people like you with multiple board names, while they focus on me as a diehard Pats fan with season tickets in my family since 1978.


    This is your big come back as to why you ran away when McCourty fumbled?  That I used an incorect word choice?  I'm shocked at what a complete and total idiot you are (no, I'm actually not).  Look it up, jakkass.

    What kind of loser fan boasts about how great the defense that BB built is in 2012, only to run away and hide for a week when it looked a sure bet they'd lose as the defense folded in the 4th quarter.  What kind of loser fan is too afraid to face the music for an entire week just becasue  he spent the day watching Sanchez dismantle that great D led by first round bust McCourty.  I think they might have been better off just playing 10 on 11. At least he wouldn't be there to tackle the receiver while the balls in the air.  

    Why aren't all of the other idiots here banned.  Although you are the biggest moron, others are close.  Why do they keep choosing you, right when you are at your most embarrased ans unable to spout your idiocy?


    Hey Dudley, we get it McCourty fumbled the ball! But do you get the fact the Patriots STILL WON THE GAME?!

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    Re: Mods?

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    You're the biggest moron here. Who are you kidding? It's you and Hurlie right on your heels.

    You fell for what Woody Johnson just did to you. How are those PSLs? The Jets had tickets available on gameday on Sunday, you moron!  The guy rapes the fanbase for a stadium that is shared and paid for, yet he needs PSLs on top of it? So, you project your anger on us because you want what we have.

    See, we have the preeminent franchise in the NFL. Best owner, coach and QB combo in the league, bar none. Goodell isn't asking the Pats to play in London 2 out of 4 years by accident. As a NYer, this bothers you. It bothers you that you aren't at the center of attention as you so much deserve to be.  How dare a team from Boston absolutely CRUSH everything about your organization, right Phat Rex?  LMAO

    And to boot, the guy who laid this foundation, BB, is the guy who left your sinking ship over 10 years ago which only puts you into a more embittered state.  Your whole presence here today, with well over 100 posts, is because you know the Jets are done and this whole Rex Ryan/Sanchez/Tannebum trio was a massive waste of time and energy for the last 4-5 years.  The comical part is, you had a small window to overtake NE when NE was transitioning away from their old regime and you blew it!  LOL!!


    Even when the getting is good, your team sucks.

    Remember when I said you were being used?  Brett Favre, PSLs, excitement, Rex Ryan's mouth, aging veterans to get fans excited, wasting draft picks left and right, Mark Sanchez, horrendous cap management, etc, etc.  You just never liked what you were hearing. Every single move they have made is based on gimmick.  Do you eally think Tim Tebow for a draft pick was about Tebow's skill set and future is drunken Namath that much starter than you are? LOL!

    A drunken has been is smarter than you and he's more honest, too.  You're a liar and dumb. Terrible combo.

    You're like a 12 year old girl who doesn't like being told to do her homework. That's you. A whiny little 12 year old girl who isn't very bright to begin with and not happy about it.

    I warned you 3 years ago about it, which is really why you stalk me here. You just couldn't believe someone would have a counter-take on the fleece job Woody Johnson was putting on Jets fans. LMAO

    But, no an 8-8 team with a 9-7 finish after an Indy lay down means you're team is locked and loaded for years!  Wow!  Let us all bow down to a dorky Jets fan who needs Pats fans' approval to make himself feel good. Yeah, you sure have it togeher, Phat Rex.  You sure are a together adult, aren't you? 

    And don't lie, you're one who reports me constantly, along with 4 or 5 others who also have been embarrassed by me simply challenging their silly comments and me being right.




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    Re: Mods?

    Wozzy, a number of us have campaigned for the return of the ignore button, though I believe fixing the "reply" feature mess is tops myself. We were told by BDC the ignore fix is a few months out. I have suggested to them, "don't worry about restoring the old ignore lists, just add a new feature for it" thinking that would ease their development, but I dunno. I don't believe there is a lot being invested in these forums at the moment, which points back to online revenue model problems/challenges. 

    As for this, "while they focus on me as a diehard Pats fan with season tickets in my family since 1978." 

    No doubt you are a diehard Pats fan, you know about more football than just about anyone in this forum. Your breakdowns are a bit predictable now as you don't really come here to discuss but to break down your rigid views again and again. I personally prefer to interact with folks who are open to changing their views based on new evidence but that doesn't seem to be how you roll. That said you're not the only one in this forum we could say that about. 

    I think you're worse than the Jets trolls despite your Pats fan credentials due to your relentless name calling and diminishing of anyone who dares to disagree wtih you,, but if you could cut that out there's no doubt you would add way more value than the Jets contingent. 

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    Re: Mods?

    Name calling, diminishing people...  I think you've got me confused with somebody else?  

    I state my opinion like anyone else, whether I'm right or wrong, time usually determines that. My opinions may be strong but I stand by them and will be the first to tell you I've been wrong. 

    I don't ever resort to name calling unless dragged into it and even then I'd prefer to ignore anyone that can't argue on the merits of fact, thus my post.  There was a short period before the beginning of the regular season where we had a brief respite from the back and forth, then they changed the format, that was nice and I'd say I was pretty cordial during that period.  I'd much rather ignore somebody than break them in half.

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    Re: Mods?

    In response to wozzy's comment:

    I guess the next button we should be clamoring for from the Mods is the "ignore" button? 



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    Re: Mods?

    TrollSpanker, I don't see how you can say that even the most "rigid" Pats fan can be worse than a troll.  It's one thing to disagree with someone's views, whether you think they're reasonable or not and whether they're a Pats fan or not. But a troll is only here for one reason, to talk trash. They NEVER add anything to the discussion, they only take away from it. Their presence diminishes the board by definition. 

    You might think that about some Pats fans on here because you find them disagreeable, but that's your opinion, it's not a fact. With trolls, it's fact.

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