more camp observations

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    Re: more camp observations

    I don't have an educated opinion on it being 3-4 or 4-3, but if they go 4-3 I fully agree that they seem thin. It is a shame that Armstead is out, I had hoped to hear about him in camp.

    Time to go shopping for a DT now, or wait for roster cuts?


    Supra societatem nemo

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    Re: more camp observations

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Wozzy. I disagree. I am really enjoying Ben Volin. He is putting out interesting and insightful info....good guy (dare I say kid?)

    Wozzy, this is not a negative comment, just an observation from camp. Based on personel I see at camp, I fully expect the Pats base D to be 4-3. I just don't see the size and edge setters to play a 3-4. That being said, the DT position in a base 4-3 needs 4 DT on the 45 man game day roster to keep everyone fresh. I honestly do not see 4 currently on the team, assuming Armstead is not quite ready. Thoughts?

    Don't know about Volin yet, he just posted an article insisting that Tebow would make the team as the third QB...

    If Armstead isn't ready to go, there's a strong chance they'll start the season running the four man front again.  But then again I only ever thought they would go with a 3 defensive tackle front on the first two downs or in short yardage situations anyhow.  

    Belichick has been running this nickel package for a long time, only the past few years did it become a base package, mainly due to personnel and inexperience.  Even if Armstead gets healthy to start the season, we'd still be a little thin at DT unless Marcus Fortson or Cory Grissom is a lot better than we know.  

    Either way we'll always see a four man front, I just hope we put some beef in there in place of Nincovich, a four man front with Wilfork, Kelly in the middle with Jones and Armstead or Francis on the ends is a true 4/3 and wouldn't get pushed around by physical offensive lines.

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    Re: more camp observations

    In response to rkarp's comment:

    In response to Quagmire3's comment:


    In response to rkarp's comment:

    Shows you what I know! But really, this is what I was trying to say. What has been out on the field so far has been a pitch and catch, and the athletic guys are looking good. Very good. WOW good. This includes Dobson and Boyce. Jumping, diving catches, great head fakes, etc. But I am just a guy standing there sometimes, who is impressed by the athleticism. The coaches will know if the WR is in the right spot, ran the right route, is picking up the play book. So while Hawkins looks great, he most likely was struggling with the mental part. Hawkins is very fast, very shifty. He will get picked up in a simpler offense (Jets?) .

    My comments regarding Jenkins were that he does not look good compared to the other WR. He does not make athletic plays. He is not fast, he is almost plodding. Put on 15 more pounds and he looks like a TE. But maybe he is always in the right spot, and always reads the defense exactly the same as the QB? Maybe he is a great blocker for a WR? I simply don't know. 

    My comment was not meant as a critique, but more as a commentary on how none of us know what BB's looking for! Keep the first hand accounts coming I (and others) enjoy reading them!