More Evidence of anti-BB Media (via Harbaugh)

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    Re: More Evidence of anti-BB Media (via Harbaugh)

    In response to Neal Page's comment:

    BB put in a good word for  Harbaugh for his job in Balt so I am sure they are somewhat friendly, but this is how he repays him? Did you miss the comment last year about how NE "does things" at home, implying they do things to get advantages, especially at home? Did you miss that?

    I care about hypocrites and frauds. I like to call them out.  And, personally, I am tired of the veiled jabs in the press by people who are flat out JEALOUS of the Pats.

    I am sure they would have liked to add Talib to their dinged up and crappy secondary, so who knows, maybe this is another example of Baltimore knowing they aren't better than NE and jealous of it.

    Let's face it, Baltimore isn't the classiest organization around.

    Finally, BB and the Pats aren't the only team to load up their injury reports to make sure they're in line with the rule.  Sure, BB may have been the first to go overboard as a joke/stay in line with the rule, but how many more years of this crap focusing solely on BB, are we going to see?

    That's really the point here.  BB and the Pats never say a word about anyone or anything, mind their business and play football, yet the Pats continue to be targets of jealous, entitled and unprofessional people. 

    Are the Pats the classiest organization round? Why do you think people do not like them? Is it because outside of New England they are looked at as arrogant and entitled?

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    Re: More Evidence of anti-BB Media (via Harbaugh)

    Best thing we can do is to ignore all the negative Pats stuff we see or perceive in the media and just enjoy the team we root for every day.  Talking about it won't change anything because it is what it is. I do not think we'll see an epiphany in this country whereby we suddenly see a groundswell of support for the Pats and an elimination of negative stuff. Keeps the blood pressure down, too!

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    Re: More Evidence of anti-BB Media (via Harbaugh)

    Jim H. I like, but John runs his mouth too much for his own good.