From Miami News,
We can see that the Dolphins LOST more than the game

Miami is in an actual, bona fide playoff chase for a change, gunning to end a six-year postseason drought, and that helps explain all of the nerves and nonsense toward the end Sunday. This is a team that hasn't been in enough big games to find out whether it has enough poise. It found out Sunday. ''It's an embarrassing loss on a big stage with a big opportunity,'' team captain Vonnie Holliday said, and left little doubt he meant teammate Joey Porter's late personal foul and then unsportsmanlike conduct penalties that led directly to a Patriots touchdown, and to a plain unraveling of the Dolphins. Afterward Porter dressed quickly, said, 'I ain't talkin' to the media,'' and bolted -- the loquacious one so willing to opine on just about everything suddenly mute over his own spasm of costly immaturity. It was a rough game all round, with six personal fouls evenly split. The Pats' Kevin Faulk called it ''two teams fighting to win a game,'' and he was quite literally right. Just before Porter's football version of a mental breakdown, Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder and Patriots tackle Matt Light both were ejected for fighting, even though Light certainly got more of his money's worth -- grabbing Crowder by the dreadlocks and getting in a few quick rabbit punches, hockey-style. Crowder whipped his helmet and beamed a huge smile to verify it didn't faze him. He left to an ovation from the near-sellout crowd. ''What's disappointing is not only that we lost but the way we handled the game, especially late,'' Holliday said. ``We've won by being smart, disciplined and were the opposite late in the game. It was an embarrassing loss to our organization the way we handled that at the end. I want to apologize to the fans.'' Coach Tony Sparano called it ``a lack of poise.'' ''Psychological breakdown'' was Holliday's phrase.

Go Pats.