Moss and the offseason

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    Re: Moss and the offseason

    Wow I can't believe some people still want Moss back after seeing what the team has done without him.

    In the stretch after Moss was traded the Pats O has exceeded the 07' O. The glaring difference between the two during this stretch are the TO's by Brady and the trends. In 07' the O was trending downward as it got further into the winter and post-season. This years O, however, is on an upward trend since the Moss trade. You also need to look at the level of competition. It is not even arguable that the Pats since the Moss trade have faced D's that were much greater then anything the faced during the 07' season yet they put up numbers that boggle the mind in the last 4 weeks.

    Now lets look at the teams Moss played for this year. Minn went 1-3 during that stretch averaging just under 22 points since Moss left they went 3-3 averaging 17 points/game but that was during a stretch where Farve was tossing a ton of int's and Harvin was missing a ton of time. Tenn was 5-3 before getting Moss and since have yet to win a game while their O has taken a huge down turn. To give you an idea before Moss Tenn only had 1 game where they scored less then 20 points yet after Moss they only score more then 20 points once.

    If that wasn't enough to say that teams play worse when Moss has been on their team this year then watch his games. He is no longer being double covered. A single decent cb bumping at the line is enough to ensure he doesn't get thrown to. He can no longer separate and doesn't seem interested in elevating to fight for the ball either. Lets face it Moss isn't the same player he was in 07' and our O is better off for it. 
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    Re: Moss and the offseason

    "So you guys are saying the Pats would say No to Moss even if Moss is willing to sign a $1m contract with $2-3m in incentives and escalators and a 1 yr deal and be on a short leash?"

    Yes. he is never coming back. Write it down. Let it go. Move on. The Pats will not risk him corrupting another season by his unwillingness to play the right role on the team. They would not sign him for $1. Do you not see how liberated Brady is now that he doesn't have to worry about appeasing Moss. Those who think Moss is coming back or who want him to come back don't understand the game of football.
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    Re: Moss and the offseason

    What if he's released by the Titans before the playoffs and the Patriots snag him off waivers to throw everyone off? That'd make a lot of people happy, including Moss. I don't think the team wants to take a chance and disrupt the chemistry though. From a pure football perspective though, Moss can really throw a kink in the preparation of opposing teams with everyone else we already have.