Moss / Mankins connection

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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    Mankins came back EARLY!  Nobody knows why...maybe the Moss interview did strike a nerve in him? 
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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    @Lazurus:  ...... or it was a ridiculous notion based on trying to climb into ones mind and calling it a legitimate reason.

    Mankins has no intention of  being a "golly gee, shucks Wally" Patriot in 2011.  Not my words, his (I believe he used the word "ever" too).  All the wishing in the world to have every player be Leave It To Beaver- happy in Patriotland is laundry talk.

    SIMPLE: Business decision based on the new CBA that won't grandfather these players in. Get the year, become an unrestricted FA. END OF STORY.  The drop dead dates were just that!! nothing more.  They weren't dates in which the players were to arrive. HANG connected dots that don't exist. Happenstance can make for compelling ideas..

    All these imaginative yet flawed rationales regarding when he showed up is immaterial and ultimately, as accurate as a Stephen Hawking alien theory. Unprovable based on what little knowledge we have.  Its a cute story, but in the end its just a cute story.

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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    Trade his Azz 4 a 7th round pick, we don't need him.
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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    Please Mr. Kraft bring Randy back...............................
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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    Mankins owns his farm. He doesn't need money. I know he had some issues with Kraft but you an I will never know what exactly happened. I think the type of guy he is *cowboy/rancher* respect matters more then money. I also think that the contract dispute was mis-handled by his agent. All partys have wrong in this. In his whole career Mankins hasn't said anything. All I heard him say that he was promised contract negotiations early this year. Then he called Kraft out.  I hope they settle things. I like the guy and want him on the line with Vollmer.
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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    In Response to Re: Moss / Mankins connection:
    Nothing clever at all, just pointing out the ridiculous with the ridiculous.  Call it intelligent sarcasm.  I don't expect you to understand. You project your love for the New England Patriots onto the players themselves. Your fandom is so blinding, you will make irrational comments with the utmost sincerity. What becomes lost is the truth. TRUTH: Players aren't loyal to the laundry.  They are loyal to the money, peer admiration, and organizational respect.  This amazing psychological connection based on a timeline and your fandom, creates a true disassociation from the reality of what actually exists.  You have nothing to refute your ascertion and all the fandom surrounding you wanting the same thing as you: a Patriots Utopia. In conclusion, my comments about aliens was my way of showing you how ridiculous an arguement can sound based on some dot-connections of events.  Aliens could have seen those movies while in space (assuming you believe that they exist and they have superior technology) and thought twice about attacking such a class planet like Earth.  We have had a dynasty in the Solar System for a while. We're small and plucky like Woodhead but no one spins around the sun with more consistency than Earth!!  If you haven't seen it by now, you never will. 
    Posted by SShoreLurker

    Was Brady loyal to the money when he took less than he could of gotten earlier in his career so that they'd have more to spend on other players?  

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    Re: Moss / Mankins connection

    People don't choose their jobs based only on money, and people don't find job satisfaction through just money.   I can assure you that players want to play, they want to win and they want to be respected by their teammates and peers for how they play.  BB once said (and I agree) that you can talk about money and bonus' and all that stuff but the worst thing you can do to a player is take him off the field.

    I don't think the choice to sit out was an easy decision for Mankins, and probably one that he struggled with.  Even if you think he hates BB, and Kraft and doesn't care one bit about the Patriots (which I doubt is true), he still has loyalty to his teammates and wants to show how good he is at his job.  People are just not so cold and calculating as some of you say.  Even a guy working at McDonalds takes pride in a job well done and would feel pride if his franchise was doing well because of his contributions.

    I don't know what made Mankins come back 3 weeks early, but it's certainly not far fetched to say he missed football, his teammates, or that it just took a small nudge (possibly from a Moss comment) to feel that he had made his point and he wanted to play.
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