MOSS or WELKER, who is the most indispensable?

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    Re: MOSS or WELKER, who is the most indispensable?

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    been hearing lots of this talk all year. want your feedback. all things being equal, if you could ONLY pick one or the other next year or for the rest of this year, who would you build around? who is the most indispensable? i pick MOSS! u can always find a welk, much easier. hell, edelman could do it or even a TO. there is a very short list of moss types out there. andre johnson, fitzgerald, brendon marshall imediately come to mind.  guys who because they instantly demand double coverage based on reputation and skills, make it possible for a welk to always get single coverage on a safety, linebacker or some nickel/second-rate corner  or DB. kind of like ortiz and manny in the day. ortiz never would have been ortiz without manny backing him up. pitchers always feared manny much more, thus papi got big fat beachnall-fastballs to hit in big situations because they saw manny on-deck and feared more what he brought to the table. then again, welk's underneath work, gives moss more burner lanes to run thru and forces some one on one type coverage by default. still, pickg moss. he was moss without a welker. pats can always put moss in the slot as they did against indy and get a bomb out of it rather than another 10 yard inside the tackles catch.  welker is shifty, quick and even explosive but he is clearly NOT a burner. he is constantly being caught from behind. look at his work as a punt returner. minus last week at indy, his first breakout run will be his first. moss, when he was a put returner, routinely took it to the house and had guys scared like a hester does. welk is a great #2, but moss clearly is the MAN from which everything else centers or revolves around! 
    Posted by bubbakilla

    Moss moves safeties back an extra 5 yards and completely alters the playing field.  He forces most teams to run double and triple coverages at him, and still makes catches despite the fact.

    Welker gets his nice, open spaces because Moss opens up the field.  Without Moss, Welker would merely be above-average.  Devon Bess and Greg Camarillo, Anthony Gonzalez, Brandon Stokley, Roddy White, and a host of other fairly smart and agile receivers could all have at least comparable production out of the slot given Moss' ability to shift the playing field


    The respect given to Moss is given to few other receivers in the league.  Only Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, and Larry Fitzgerald command as much attention as Moss, and of those three only Johnson has the entire package of size, top speed, jumping, route-running, and hands.

    Moss, without a doubt.
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    Re: MOSS or WELKER, who is the most indispensable?

    I love Welker but the answer is easily Moss.

    Moss is TD threat, Welker is a first down threat.

    D coordinators game plan to keep Moss out of the endzone and he still comes down with TD's almost every week.  If a team can only cover one guy it is the guy who gets 50 yard gains not the guy who gets 10 yard gains.  Put Moss in true one on one coverage 10 times a game and he will score 4TD's.  At the end of the day they count points, not yards or catches.