Moss trade??

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    Re: Moss trade??

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    Re: Moss trade??

    Worst trade EVAR!!

    A third round pick?? Great...more wonderful picks to trade down with.
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    Re: Moss trade??

    Moss wanted out... period.

    He would have become a malcontent and hindered more than helped, he was already dogging it against the Dolphins in the blocking department.  We turned a 4th round pick into a 3rd.

    Also Julian Edelmen has been quiet because there weren't enough balls to be thrown to everybody, Brandon Tate is a monster waiting to be exploited and Taylor Price is sitting on the bench wondering if he'll ever get the chance to play.

    This may seem like a negative now but our team has so much depth this may not make much difference.
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    Re: Moss trade??

         I'm sure that Jets fans are elated. Seems to me that the Pats could have squeezed Minnesota for more than just a 3rd round pick.  
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    Re: Moss trade??

    after reading some articles and interviews it seems to me that something was said between BB and Moss. I have read and heard Moss was becoming a distraction in the locker room and constantly pissing BB would have only gotten worse............