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Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER

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    Re: Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER

    BB is a tier one HC and a tier three GM. After TB retires with 3 rings, a lot more posters on this board are gonna think, " yeah, maybe Belichick wasn't that great a GM afterall." The fact that the PATS D has given up more total yardage the past 3 years than the other 31 teams says a lot. And why does Gomer always end up with much better receivers than TB ? Right now I see the PATS as the 4th best team, behind San Francisco, Seattle and Denver. And they are probably way behind the 49er's.

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    Re: Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER

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    probably not the best example to use leather

    RESPONSE: The Pats didn't use the 91st overall pick on Tom Brady. He went 199th. Had Harmon been chosen with the 199th pick rather than the 91st pick, no one would be complaining. 

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    Re: Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER

    "I grade this draft a D.

    don't need to see round 4 and 7."

    I'd say "stick with basketball El Dunker" but your basketball posts are pretty poor so I don't know what to say here, except that you seem a bit too emotionally involved in your local teams. 

    You don't get to give draft grades the same day. You have to wait two years, that's how it works. 

    The fact of the matter is that the last several Pats drafts have been solid (pretty much since Pioli left). There's no reason to think this isn't a solid draft as well. 

    We needed a pass rusher and a receiver, we got both. It's hard to argue with this draft based on our position and the relative weakness of the draft, particularly at the high level. 

    I'm not crazy about our free agent offseason, in particular I thought the Sanders move was incredibly dumb, but in a draft without impacf players to get the kinds of guys we needed is just right. I was dreading drafting more running backs and tight ends, but bB drafted for our positions of need, and that's hard to find fault with if you take a step back...



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    Re: Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER



    I've been reading this message board a long time, and we go through this ridiculous draft whining every year.....oh boo hoo hoo....we didn't draft the "Mels best avaialble" guy....wah wah wah.....

    My God people, until we see this kids play, NOBODY can say for sure how they will work out. Here's a news flash for all you doom & gloomers.....even the big names on the experts mock lists are busts. Why is it that people some how can see the future, and know that certain picks are busts before they even play a single down?

    Shaking my head like every year listening to the people sound like fools here. Maybe it's me, but pretty sure BB has earned a few ounces of respect around here. maybe we should let our HOF coach do what he does best huh? Oh yeah that's negative Nancys know more than he does.....

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    Re: Most Anti-Climatic Pats Draft EVER

    I predict that BB will trade down to draft the Rutgers cheerleaders.  Then he will windivi conference and go to the SB.  The draft is a crap shoot but Bill seems to compete for a championship every year

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