Most injured Teams of 2008

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    Most injured Teams of 2008

    A while back, I wrote that someone without a life should figure out the real skinny on which teams had the most injuries.  After looking at my post history and post times, it dawned on me that perhaps I should take on that task.  Fortunately, I found a nice article regarding the 2008 season.  What does it say:

    1. It's not our imaginations.  The Pats are one of the more injured teams.
    2. The Chargers last year were the 10th healthiest team.  Explain your whining jbolted.
    3. Last year the Pats were the 29th healthiest team.  Only 3 teams had more injuries.
    4. The Jets were the healthiest team last year.  Miami was 8th healthiest team.
    5. The 2001 Pats team was the 9th healthiest team for the year.
    6. The 2003 Pats were the 32nd healthiest team for the year.  That's right, we won the Lombardi with the most injured team in the league that year.
    7. The 2004 Pats were the 19th healthiest team.
    8. Looking at SB winners since 1998, only the Colts had a comparable injury rate while still winning the big game.  In 2006, the Colts were the 23rd healthiest team.  Nearly every other team that has won the SB was in the top 5 healthiest teams.  Baltimore was #9 when they won.  

    Here is a snippet:


    Listed for each team are: A) the number of games lost by starters because of injury; B) the number of starters who finished the season on reserve lists; C) the number of players who started all 16 games; and D) the key injury and number of games missed by that player (division champs in CAPS; playoff teams in bold:


    TeamG/LIR16 G'sKey injuryG's
    NY Jets12014S Eric Smith6
    Atlanta15110LT Sam Baker7
    CAROLINA16111C Ryan Kalil4
    ARIZONA18011WR Anquan Boldin4
    TENNESSEE2109DE Kyle VandenBosch6
    San Francisco2218RT Jonas Jennings14
    Philadelphia24011G Shawn Andrews14
    MIAMI2539G Donald Thomas15
    MINNESOTA2617MLB E.J. Henderson12
    SAN DIEGO2919OLB Shawne Merriman15
    Tampa Bay30210HB Earnest Graham6
    Chicago31312CB Nathan Vasher8
    NY GIANTS33110DE Osi Umenyiora16
    Dallas36214G Kyle Kosier13
    Kansas City3629QB Brodie Croyle14
    Oakland3717OLB Rickey Brown9
    Houston41212SS C.C. Brown13
    Cleveland43310DE Robaire Smith14
    Green Bay44410DE Cullen Jenkins12
    Buffalo5027LB Angelo Crowell16
    Indianapolis5015S Bob Sanders9
    Detroit5164QB Jon Kitna12
    Washington52310DE Phillip Daniels16
    PITTSBURGH5328G Kendall Simmons12
    Jacksonville5664G Vince Manuwai15
    New Orleans5646CB Tracy Porter11
    St. Louis5833CB Tye Hill12
    Baltimore64413SS Dawan Landry14
    New England6447QB Tom Brady15
    Denver6539CB Champ Bailey7
    Seattle7264WR Nate Burleson15
    Cincinnati8465QB Carson Palmer12

    NOTE ON MISSED GAMES: There are 16 possible starts at each of the 22 positions. So it's impossible to have more than 16 games lost at any one position. For instance, Washington strongside defensive end Philip Daniels suffered a season-ending knee injury in training camp. So that's 16 starts off the top. The Redskins traded for Jason Taylor, who replaced Daniels in the lineup. Taylor missed three starts because of injury himself, but his would not count in the team total because Daniels' 16 games lost are already on the books. To count Taylor's would be double-counting at one position.



    Regular-season games lost by starters because of injury for the last 10 Super Bowl champions:


    YearChampionGames lostNFL rank
    1999St. Louis114
    2001New England269
    2002Tampa Bay176
    2003New England8732
    2004New England5519
    2007NY Giants224
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    Re: Most injured Teams of 2008

    Great post
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    Re: Most injured Teams of 2008

    Yeah, good post.  And kudos to the Colts for winning while injured too, a**holes.
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    Re: Most injured Teams of 2008

    Everyone knows that injuries are a factor in your team's success, but I was surprised just how much a factor they seem to be.  8 out of the top 10 healthiest teams were in the playoffs.  Atlanta and Arizona, two teams that had surprising years were 2nd and 4th respectively.  Makes you wonder how much of their success was simply a factor of their lack of injuries.

    BB deserves accolades for winning two SB's with injury rates well below the norm for SB winners.  Dungy and the Colts accomplished the same feat once.  I still can't imagine how we won the 2003 SB with the most injured team in the league.
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    Re: Most injured Teams of 2008

    Boy the colts were unlucky last year. 

    First these 50 games.  Then consider that they lost their primary back up DT to retirement at a young age before the start of the season, and then felt compelled to cut one of their starting DT's for a pot bust after the first game.  

    That back up probably would have taken the starter job.  Anyway, the loss was another 15 games (and 50 lbs/per game at that position). 

    Shouldn't be a problem this season.