There are many possible scenarios that could play out these last 2 weeks of the season, only a couple are seemingly likely...

1) The Patriots would have to implode, and Jets beat the Bears in Chicago, or the Pats will be the #1 seed.

2) The Steelers and Ravens will make the playoffs.  If Baltimore wins out, and Pittsburgh loses to Cleveland, then the Ravens will be the #2 seed.  Otherwise, it will likely be the Steelers at #2.

These other teams are in right now...

Kansas City and Indianapolis lead there divisions, and the Jets are in the Wildcard driver seat.  However, they will be tested by the Bears in Chicago.

Now it gets interesting if any of those teams slip...

A) If Indianapolis loses to the Raiders in Oakland, the Jags could win out, and win the division.

B) If Kansas City loses one of their last 2 home games, then San Diego can win out, and take the division title.

C) If Kansas City loses out, and San Diego loses 1 game, the Raiders could win out and take the division.

D) If Indianapolis and Jacksonville lose out and Tennessee wins out, they take the division.