Most original fine yet, 20k

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    Most original fine yet, 20k
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    Re: Most original fine yet, 20k

    To ALL:

    ~I understand that it's the No Fun League in a sense, But I agree with this fine.  Goodell should either fine him a dollar to make a clear point, or a million dollars (for all I care) in order to make Chad Johnson STFU and have a first moment of reflection in his life.  I TOTALLY respect letting your emotions out in the heat of some great play, but to me this seems sort of contrived...fake-whether it was or not, is totally besides the point, For ONLY someone calling himself "Ochocinco" would pull such a loud stunt in the 3rd Quarter, and for a whopping 15 yard play...  But it's something greater than 1 dumb person playing the brash and gaudy at first take, simple and senseless's the single ego corruption of a Team Sport...a team:

    See, One big reason I love and respect this era's Patriot Teams is that They are ALL business, one goal, one focus, One Team.  When You have individual egos pocking through ALL the time, some dynamic for me gets lost...I can't trully explain it, but to say-I Love the feeling I get as a fan watching a group of people coming together, singularly focused on one cause, AND in that sense, as a fan, I too, can ideally feel unto, and come as part and parcile under the umbrella of My Team's efforts...their mutual cause that is larger than 1 single person...  1 Larger than Life Person diminishes this in a large way for me...