Murray vs Vereen

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    In Response to Re: Murray vs Vereen : I agree Smith did have slow feet and his laziness basically wasted a career (although he had a couple of good years here, but should of had more). I just thought his size and stength were better and if he got free he could take it further.  This is what I think Benny gives...decent strength and size (nowhere near spectacular), very very good pad level runner, outstanding ball security, good vision, decent feet, smart runner and he get's what is there.  He's missing a couple of things that in my opinion keep him from being dynamic...speed, outstanding tackle breaking ability, unusual change of direction/make you miss ability, superb quickness and rare athleticism and hands that he can use in the passing game. I do think Benny has some skills, I just don't see enough of them. In my opinion if he was a guy that came off the bench and gave you ten touches or had to fill in for a few games he'd be perfect. This team had some serious defensive needs. I find it very telling that Belichick chose to select not one, but two running backs when he had two young ones as starters (Woodhead, Benny). It tells me he was looking for more out of that position. Why he hasn't used either one enough is beyond me.
    Posted by mthurl

    Looks like drafting two RB's was a move for the future, and depth at a position of need.

    BB has often filled defensive "needs" with veteran FA's more then the draft. Tough to see playing time as rookie in BB's game plan.
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    Re: Murray vs Vereen

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    In Response to Murray vs Vereen :      The Pats could have also drafted WRs Torrie Smith or Randall Cobb. Both, especially Smith, could have served as the deep threat that Tom Brady so desperately needs.
    Posted by TexasPat3

    Are you serious? Look at it like this, Brandon Tate had more catches, more yards, more TD's, and fewer fumbles (3 to 1) and was a far better kick returner than Cobb had by 10 games last year- and he was drafted a round later. And people couldn't wait to run him out of town. If the Pats drafted Cobb the pitchforks would already be out and there would be 50 threads on what a bust he is.
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    Re: Murray vs Vereen

    Murray thought the Patriots were going to draft him.
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    Re: Murray vs Vereen

    DeMarco Murray has been diagnosed with a broken right ankle.

    He has also suffered a high-ankle sprain. It's the worst possible news for the Cowboys' dynamic rookie back, who will not play another down this season. Injury prone in college, it's a sad, if predictable, end to Murray's year. With Phillip Tanner placed on injured reserve two days ago, Felix Jones is now the Cowboys' only healthy running back. Although a backup will be signed, Jones should be in for monster workloads down the stretch as Dallas looks to secure a playoff berth.

    Hindsight, can't predict the future, but he's injury prone.  Well played BB.
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    Re: Murray vs Vereen

    murray just broke an ankle and may never be as fast and shifty as he was. 50/50 hindsight says Bill made the right choice.