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    I really don't care if Brady wins MVP! I think AP deserves it, but all I hear is Peyton Manning. Mr. Win in the regular season.  The only MVP award I want Brady to win is the Superbowl MVP. 

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    Re: MVP!!!!!

    Yes. The last MVP to win a Super Bowl was Kurt Warner in 1999. Let someone else have it. It's more of a popularity contest anyway. I want to see Brady holding another Super Bowl trophy!

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    Re: MVP!!!!!

    Brady is probably out of the running.  Peterson would be my choice, what he's done is historic.  Truth is no QB has been that special this year.  It's been a down year, but the top guy is Aaron Rodgers.  He had the most TD's, best rating and fewer INT's than Manning.  IMO a QB shoudn't win the MVP unless they are the top QB, but Manning has won it before when he wasn't the best QB (2008, 2009).

    I wonder if the media ever gets tired of predicting he will be the GOAT only to have him consistently embarass them in the playoffs.

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    Re: MVP!!!!!

    Anyone but Peyton, but they'll give it to him anyway...


    Or spit in Peterson's face and co-MVP him.