my 2 cents on vick

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    Re: my 2 cents on vick

    ill never forget the video,s of those poor dogs fighting.i will always hate vick for that,and anyone else who does things like that.but he has done his time,and i cant dispute for him playing football,more power to long its not on the pats team.if there would be one gratitude to haveing him playing on a team the pats will be playing,and seeing our defense pulverizeing him.
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    Re: my 2 cents on vick

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             -- "Although I abhor any man beating on a woman, at least most of these women were not chained to anchors in their back yards when hubby beat them." -- What I like about this post is that it implies that at least some of them were. The scary part is I wouldn't be at all surprised if it were true. Well, I have no idea, maybe some of them were. Although I doubt these guys would chain them up in their yard where the neighbors could see. Possibly in the basement or rec room? What Goddell" the jerk" has not realized, is not just the Dogfighting, but to focus on the Torture of helpless animals. Torture by drowning, starvation , or Electrocution comes only from a Sociopathic mind. Vick should be banned for life for this type of reckless brutality on helpless Dogs It's a good point. While the feds locked him up for gambling and illegal interstate commerce, nobody has really seemed to delve into any underlying psycological problems at the root of Vick's atrocities. For one...Jail sentance for a crime he DID commit IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be part of an NFL suspension/penalty! NOW is the time for his NFL punishment! I agree. His jail term was for the crime, and that's it. Much like a criminal penalty can also be combined with a civil one as two different things. The league's issue is with the code of conduct, not necessarily with Vick's making money on illegal activities. I think Goodell has every right to suspend him above and beyond his period of incarceration. Grub do you have a passport ? Go travel to china or Korea they sure love eating there pets!!! You liberals need to get to church and stop trying to save the Cable world from the evil dog killers....... Give me a break! For one thing, the people in Asia who eat dogs are not eating their pets! The dogs used for food are raised such as we raise cows and pigs for food. Although I suppose the very poor may kill a stray for food because they cannot afford to go to the Piggly Wiggly! But I'd bet they don't electrocute or drown them before they eat them! For another, who cares what they do in China or Korea? Was Vick in China or Korea when the tortured these dogs? No, he was right here in America! And I'm laughing so hard I nearly shot my coffee out of my nose! You call me a "liberal", but that is so far from the truth it's absurd! I happen to be Republican (and what some here might consider a little "redneck"), and have no desire to "save the world" from anything. It's actually the liberals who usually want to give these sick f u c k e r s a "second chance"! Please use your brain (if you have one) before you attempt to judge me or anyone else here!
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    Bubba listen to Dungy for a change and give Vick a chance.....  All your dribble and drabble about the poor dogs is growing old.
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    Re: my 2 cents on vick