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MY all decade team

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    MY all decade team

    QB - Tom Brady
    Honerable mention - Big Ben

    RB - LT
    Honerable Mention - Shawn Alexander

    FB - Lorenzo Neal
    Honerable Mention - Heath Evens (I cant even think of another FB)

    WR - Randy Moss - Marvin Harrison
    Honerable Mention - Hynes Ward - Tory Holt

    TE - Tony Gonzalez
    Honerable mention - Antonio Gates

    OT - Jon Ogden - and Walter Jones
    Honerable Mention - Willie Anderson - Tra Thomas

    OG - Steve Hutchenson - Alan Faneca
    Honerable Mention - Logan Mankins

    C - Kevin Mawui
    Honerable Mention - Dan Koppen ( I think Koppen is one of the best in the game)

    DE - Richard Seymore - Jason Taylor
    Honerable Mention - Julius Peppers - Mike Stahan

    DT/NT - Warren Sapp
    Honerable Mention - Tony Saragoosa (He won a ring with teh Ravens and was part of the best defense of this decade.)

    MLB - Ray Lewis - Brian Urlacher
    honerable mention - Tedy Bruschi - James Farrier

    OLB - Derick Brooks - Demarcus Ware (I drew a blank and he had 20 sacks last season so...)
    Honerable Mention - Willie McGinnest - Joey Porter

    CB - Ty Law - Champ Baily
    Honerable Mention - Ronde Barber

    Safety - Ed Reed - Troy P. (cant spell his last name but im sure you will figure it out)
    Honerable mention - Rodney Harrison - John Lynch

    K - Adam Vinatiri (spelt wrong im sure lol)

    P - who cares

    Coach - Bill Belichick

    I know I missed on a few like OLB haha but what would your all decade team look like?

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    Re: MY all decade team

    P - who cares?


    Foot in mouth

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    Re: MY all decade team

    P is easy.  Whathisname - that linebacker who punts for the Broncos.  We had him in 2006. 
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    Re: MY all decade team

    That chick in the background looks like she has some serious bootage to bad she's out of focus.