My apology to "no more pension looting"

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    I called you out because I felt you were jumping ahead of the legal process, but you pretty much nailed it. I guess I got beguiled by his disarming smile and beautiful brown eyes, but hey I'm just a female. but also couldn't believe he would give $50, 000 to a charity without meaning it. and I didn't think a Patriot would ever do anything like this.  Honestly in my heart I want him to be innocent, but thats not going to happen




    "disarming smile and beautiful brown eyes"  M.G., females of your ilk are what's ruining this country. 





    I know Game is a big girl and can take care of her self, but don't you  think she being somewhat sacastic? I mean the dude is not that handsome. Brown eyes, C'mon man. I'm sure Game has better taste than that.


     apparently she has a taste for clams.  Chuckle!!!!!


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    Re: My apology to

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     i think she goes for Giants fans myself


    Hahahaha!!  Nice one!


    That is probably a match made in ............................. Hell!!  I can guarantee it!!