In Response to My final predictions before the draft...: Denver never goes along with such cheap compensation to move up to 11. Jerry Hughes is long gone by this pick. Time to reformulate this fantasy board.
Ok, So looking at this draft and 2011 and the potential lockout and the depth this year and lack of depth in 2011 this is what I would do and what I think the Patriots will do or something very simmilar, all moves are ok draft value chart wise taking into account depth or lack of depth of 2010 and 2011 draft... 1st Round (11th Overall)- From Trade with Denver 2nd Round (Titans 44th Overall) 2nd Round (53rd Overall) 3rd  Round (71st Overall) - From trade to Cleveland 4th Round (119th Overall) 5th Round (134th Overall) -   From trade to Cleveland 6th Round (175th Overall) - From trade to Carolina 6th Round (205th Compensatory for Gaffney) 7th Round (247th Compensatory for Evans) 7th Round (248th Compensatory for Paxton) 7th Round (250th Compensatory for Jordan) Patriots want to move up to grab the one guy they think will make the defense into a force so they trade their #22 and #47 to Denver for their pick at #11. With all the compensatories and especially if they add the two picks from Cleveland trade or something simmilar I would expect them to move at least 2 of the three movable picks in rounds 6 and 7. Maybe all 3. My move would be to trade all 3 for a higher 6th round maybe.  lets say to Carolina (who with Compensatories has a couple 6th round picks) for pick #175 which has a value around 22 and our three together is valued at 19 close enough to make it work as picks moved around this late is about adding boddies that fill out a roster not likely adding a Star.   11-CJ Spiller, RB, Clemson (or second choice) Jason Pierre-Paul, DE/OLB, South Florida 44- Jerry Hughes, OLB, TCU (or) Ryan Matthews, RB, Fresno State 53- Andre Roberts, WR, Citidel 71- Koa Misi, DE/OLB, Utah 119- Anthony McCoy, TE, USC 134-Chris Marrinelli, OT, Stanford 175- Micah Johnson, MLB, Kentucky 205- Mike Brandtner , P, Iowa State 247, 248, 250- all these compensatories and so deep very hard to tell who is even available at this point. So throw a dart at a board and hopefully one of the three turns into something. What do you think?
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