My four cents

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    My four cents

    These four picks are my two cents:

    23: Vontae Davis - Brings major size, athleticism, and versatility to our cornerback corp, at a budget price, for the long-term. He can be plugged in as the top reserve safety this year, while subbing at CB when appropriate and/or necessary.

    Going up against Moss every day will inspire him, build his consistency, and help Vontae learn to become as close to a shut-down cornerback as the tall receiver superstars of the league are likely to face. Some of Vontae's consistency issues will be negated by teams chosing to throw away from him.

    Davis also brings top flight special teams ability, and blocks more than his share of kicks. Drafting a DB will not be a top priority in the 2010 Draft or FA.

    34: Connor Barwin/Michael Johnson - Both bring immense talent and versatility to the team, as 3/4 OLBs, 4-3 DEs, special teams (both block tons of kicks), and TE.

    47: LeSean McCoy - Redshirt sophmore RB has huge upside, room to grow stronger, and Reggie Bush-like instincts in avoiding tacklers,  if not the top end speed.

    McCoy also looks like a natural slot receiver, with his great hands, good route running ability, and Welker-like speed in and out of his cuts.

    We have a pretty full backfield this year, but McCoy could also spend time as our 4th receiver and Welker emergency sub. He's a big play threat in the mold of Percy Harvin, and is an exceptional kick returner to take Hobbs off those duties.
    Another option for Brady to avoid dropping back and risking big hits.

    The Jets are also likely to be waiting for McCoy 6 picks later, if a RB isn't drafted in the 1st.

    58 or trade up a bit: William Moore - The fourth pick in a row to possess great versatility. He can cover some tight ends, and excels in the box as a big hitting strong safety. He has great hands for such a big hitter, and can also fill in as a light, fast linebacker in some packages. Also an exceptional special teamer, like the previous three picks.

    Together with Vontae Davis makes our secondary one of the more athletic and physically imposing secondaries in the league.

    I think these four picks would provide an excellent combination of Tip Top athleticism at their positions, maximum versatility to help the Pats absorb the inevitable injuries, as well as significant upside. All could be starters for 10 years, and all could go to Pro Bowls.

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    Re: My four cents

    Not bad, I would be happy if the Pats can pull off 2 of those 4. I'd much rather see Vontae Davis at #23 than Darius Butler. I'm tired of seeing small corners getting burned by big physical receivers. Plus we've already picked two small fast corners last year in the draft.  Is Darius Butler or Alphonso Smith really going to be an upgrade over Hobbs?  Davis would be a nice safety option too.

    I also like Moore cause he can HIT! We need more physically imposing players. Merriweather used to lay down some hits but then kind of fizzled.

    I think Pats should strictly pick the Best Player Available at #23. Don't worry about needing an ILB or OL, etc.  It could be interesting if guys like Knowshon Moreno Darrius Heyward-Bey or Pettigrew are sitting at #23.
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    Re: My four cents

    Davis comes with some off field issues so I wouldn't get my expectations up on him coming to the Pats.

    Barwin should be there.  I don't really like #34 being used on him but if you want Barwin you are going to have to use this pick to get him.  He will be learning another position and I don't see using this pick for a special team guy.  I ultimately see Barwin being passed up.

    Others have voiced the need for a RB as well.  I don't see the need although it's coming and if Maroney stinks you can say I told you so.  I do see where it comes from.  But Max Unger, Ron Brace, Clint Sintim and Patrick Chung are in that area as well and could address bigger needs.  Now after saying all that the other issue is I don't think he'll be there when it comes time for the Pats at #47.

    #58 is a pick that I think will be traded.  But they could go after Williams with this pick if one of the earlier ones is moved instead.  Someone may over pay for either #34 or #47.  There are some nice players to be had with those two picks.

    I wouldn't be heartbroken if we ended up the draft going your way.