My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

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    Re: My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

    Good post Z.  Stallworth never lived up to his potential.  I guess with Brady talent isn't as important as chemistry, and those two didn't have it.  A savy veteran like Galloway will probably do better with Brady, but his age makes him a huge question mark - can he last the season?  Still, we had Jabar as our #4, definitely better than Greg Lewis (that's his name right?) at #4.  Rodney was pretty good in 2007.  Maybe statistically he wasn't spectacular, but I remember him playing well.  And he had an interception against Jacksonville in the playoffs.  Don't forget he was an excellent anti-TE weapon.  Neither Merriweather nor Sanders replace Rodney's physical style of play, and Chung can't be counted on for anything as a rookie. Linebacker was by far better in 2007 - five of the decade's greats.  Rosie, Vrabel, Thomas, and Bruschi/Seau is far better than Thomas, Woods, Mayo, Bruschi/Guyton.  Mayo might be better than Bruschi was then, but I would take a fresh Seau in the fourth quarter of any game over Mayo.  And with Thomas filling the Ted Johnson role up the middle, Rosie and Vrabel were dynamite outside.  Our only proven starters this season are Thomas and Mayo.  2007 was definitely better.  We may be better at DL this season, if Seymour really is healthy.  A healthy Seymour, Green, Wilfork, Warren, Brace and Wright would be awesome all season. Samuel and a healthy Hobbs, with Gay backing them up, were a sure thing in the secondary.  We really have no idea how an old timer (Springs) and three youngins, and a 2007 ball-hog will perform. In short, I don't think there is anyone in their right mind who wouldn't take the 2007 team hands down over what we have today, D-Line notwithstanding.
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    stallworth lived up to it,and then may not have been there stat wise,but with his abilities,and threats.he drew the extra coverage to open up welker all day long,and at times leaveing moss one on one.
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    Re: My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

    "incredibly weak offensive schedule"

    Come on Z, we both know that's bullflop.  We played the Colts, Chargers, Cowboys, Steelers, Eagles, Giants, even the Bengals and Browns had good offenses that year.  That is a very tough offensive schedule to say the least.

    "Ironically the best performance the defense had all season came in the Super Bowl. But even then, they were gassed at the end. Just like in 06."

    I would say our near shutouts against the Bills and Skins were better.  And in the playoffs we held the Chargers to 12 and the Jaguars to what, 17?  And we weren't gassed in the Super Bowl.  It took the Giants a minute and 40 seconds to go less than 30 yards, then a miracle happened.  Then they picked Merriweather, and then an injured Ellis Hobbs was left on an island against Plaxico Burress, waiting for an in-cut.  Being gassed had nothing to do with it.  

    You believe the youth and athleticism of our new defense make us better than 2007.  But you are forgetting the lesson Bruce Campbell tried to teach us in between timeouts during the 2006 season:  Experience.  If you don't have it, people just seem to know.
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    Re: My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

    Yep, and if Samuels had held on to that interception it would have been game over.  But he dropped it.  I can't help but think that there was some kinda busted coverage on the Burress' TD.  Why Hobbs would bite to an inside cut without some support didn't make sense to me.  If you're one on one you keep the man in front of you.

    The defensive backfield has a nice blend of youth and experience.  I would like to think it will be better.  The only thing I see missing is the leadership of Harrison, whose skills diminished or not at the time, is going to be truely missed. 

    Does it mean anything to the nay sayers that Galloway is going to be the #3 WR?  I don't believe the Pats are asking a whole lot from the guy.  Galloway being cut is just plain silly.

    If any arguement should stand my guess it would be the pass rush.  Vrabel had a good year.  I guess it will be a rotation of Banta-Cain and Crable for pass rushing now.  This does not make me comfortable.  I sure would like to see Thomas moved to the rushing side but he does fill so many other LB roles.
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    Re: My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

    Garytx, one think you hvae to consider about the pass rush is that because the DB should be better, than we get more coverage sacks, and someone like Banta cain can really tool on Qb if he has enough time. I think Crable will become a soild contributor this year, at the very least as a rusher.
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    Re: My, oh my, what do we have to look forward to?

    Some good posts here...

    Comparing this year's "potential" team to either the '07, or even the '08 team really can't work, when you think of it.  Haven't we gone into every season with question marks?  Since when have we seen the Pats roll from one season to the next with nary a change to their lineup?  Remember what everyone said going into '08, after the heartbreak of '07 then we had that disastrous pre-season record of 0-4, plus the team didn't even look competitive?  We all wondered what to make of the potential of the '08 season.  Then, 7 minutes into game one we learned the hard way!  Now we have the SI article about Brady, great news there, and Moss' opinion he thinks the '09 squad could be better than the '07 squad!  Who knows better than the folks on the field?

    Using the oft said term, "In BB we trust", the Pats management knows who they have drafted, what they drafted for and they draft for parts of the team that need the fit.  I think it has worked well for us fans for some time now.