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My only real issue with the draft

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    My only real issue with the draft

    I don't share a lot of the rampant pesimism in regards to this years draft.  Good solid picks with a lot of potential for the most part and I'm expecting at least 2 of the picks to become impact starters at some point during the season.  However, I feel BB neglected a area that really needs addressing and that's with interior defensive linemen.  While Love and Deadrick are passable, and Kelly should be a nice addition, I really wanted to see an impact player here that could not only challenge those in camp but spell Wilfork.  Wilfork has worked harder than any D lineman in the NFL for a few years now.  His on the field time is off the charts for his position and he's far from a young guy at this point.  I cringe at the thought, but sooner or later all of these snaps are going to catch up with him. 

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    Re: My only real issue with the draft

    Kelly has a lot more left in the tank than posters here give him credit for, also consider Armon Armstead another high draft pick spent on the D line because that's how he's getting paid.

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    Re: My only real issue with the draft

    rameakap - I think BB was trying to trade down with #91 and something got screwed up. I suspect they had a deal in place with someone based on a specifc player being available. One of the picks right in front of them voided that deal, and BB was scrambling to find another trade. (probably the same story from last year) When they couldn't find one, they took the player they really wanted ahead of where they had planned because  there wasn't another player in the range that they wanted. As for Williams (medical) Jones (medical) and Okafor (medical/effort) clearly a number of teams backed off them Williams dropped from mid 2nd round expectation to #137, Jones did fall that far, but his medicals were probably built into his grade, and Okafor??? Pats had another chance at all of these guys and still did not want them. Pats drafted very 'clean' players in terms of medical except for Boyce who reportedly has a broke bone in his foot which he had when he put up his combine numbers

    As for the rest - we have returning starters at every position except WR and we addressed that with a double dip. We already added 3 FAs to a fairly crowded DL group, we needed competition/depth at DB and we addressed that, and we needed more speed at OLB and we addressed that.

    I think that was a pretty good result for the second phase of team building. Phase three is just beginning with UDFAs and the post draft rounds of free agency. There are going to be a number of additions to the free agent pool in the next month as well as intreguing hold-overs like Abraham and Freeney. And then there will be phase four when every team cuts 35 players at the later stages of preseason after they have accessed exactly what they have. Especially for OLine depth, that may be a goldmine of posibilities.


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    Re: My only real issue with the draft

    bredbru - based on Jesse's fate (falling like a stone) I think his medicals must have been pretty bad and that a lot of teams had either dropped him from their boards completely or moved him to the fifth or later round. Film is good, but there is always a risk/reward.

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    Re: My only real issue with the draft

    In response to bredbruu's comment:

    In response to rameakap's comment:


    My only real issue with this draft is Harmon over Jesse Williams, Barrett Jones or Alex Okafor. We could have traded down 15-20 spots, gotton any of those 3 players + a 6th rd pick we could have used on Harmon. Or had we taken Okafor/Williams we could have taken David Quessenberry in rd 6.

    I think any of those 3 guys, all discussed for ages as 2nd rd talents who may drop to the 3rd, would have really helped out, esp at the end of rd 3 or early in rd 4.

    I don't think we are 100% set at RG. Wilfork needs more rest and the interior of the D-line has depth right now but is missing that one BIG young 320+ guy. Okafor will be better than Buchanan, Bequette and Cunningham.




    agreed. anyone over harmon. id have gone oakfor. willliams ok too. this "we were trying to trade down but got stuick" wont cut it. pats need to get a top gm. kraft needs to go back to being the woner/boss and relaize it adn get it done.

    my biggest peeve, collings over carradine. when is the next tie we will have a shot at a top 5-10 pass rushing de? if colins becomes and all pro and we win a sb i'll get over it. otherwise it irks.

    Yup bb would stand for having personnel stripped from him. Rex will be looking for a job soon; maybe we could hire him and tangy to reproduce that NYC magic

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    Re: My only real issue with the draft

    "We could have traded down 15-20 spots, gotton any of those 3 players + a 6th rd pick we could have used on Harmon"

    well from what I have read, seems at least a couple other teams were more interested in Harmon than Mel Kiper was. 

    it's really impossible to prove either way whether other teams would have picked him and whether he would have been available in the sixth round. 

    It's more fair to compare Harmon head to head with other players that could have been taken around the time he was selected. 

    But that takes a while (waiting to see how players pan out) and peeps want to whine now....