Tom Brady (1)
Brian Hoyer (2)

*** Brady should take a step forward this season after a hot and cold season (still a great season for a normal starting QB by the way. Just not what we are accustomed to from Tom)

Laurence Maroney (3)
Fred Taylor (4)
Sammy Morris (5)
Kevin Faulk (6)
*** Maroney gets one more chance to be a lead back. Taylor and Morris when healthy can still share the load

Rob Gronkowski (7)
Alge Crumpler (8)
Aaron Hernandez (9)
*** Love Love LOVE the TE makeover... cant say enough about it. I liked the Crumpler signing and two young TE's give Brady a quick outlet as more and more teams blitz more

Randy Moss (10)
Torry Holt (11)
Julian Edelman (12)
Brandon Tate (13)
Taylor Price (14)
Sam Aiken (15)
Wes Welker (PUP)

*** a strength. Moss will be motivated playing for maybe his last NFL payday. I dont take his comments as he is DEFINATLY gone at seasons end but i think he was just being honest not thinking he would be back in 2011-2012. We will see. I am a big fan of Torry Holt and think he has some legs left. He isnt like Galloway he can grasp any offense and can still kill corners on the quick intermediate routes. Contributions will be needed from Edelman in the slot and Price and Tate giving help on the outside

Dan Koppen (16)
Sebastian Vollmer (17)
Matt Light (18)
Stephen Neal (19)
Logan Mankins (20)
Nick Kaczur (21)
Dan Connoly (22)
Mark LeVoir (23)
Ted Larsen (24)

*** Rock-solid group. Little long in the tooth but more than good enough to keep Brady upright if they stay healthy

Vince Wilfork (25)
* 3-4 NT and 4-3 DT
Ty Warren (26)
* 3-4 DE and 4-3 DE
Gerard Warren (27)
* 3-4 NT and 4-3 DE
Damione Lewis (28)
* 3-4 DE and 4-3 DT
Mike Wright (29)
* 3-4 DE and 4-3 DT
Marlon Pyror (30)
* 3-4 DE and 4-3 DE
Ron Brace (31)
* 3-4 NT and 4-3 DT

*** Big run stuffing group. Only lacks that edge guy with some speed to cover the flats. Can they get to the passer???

Jerod Mayo (32)
Tully Banta Cain (33)
Brandon Spikes (34)
Gary Guyton (35)
Shawn Crable (36)
Jermaine Cunningham (37)
Marques Murrell (38)
Pierre Woods (39)
Rob Ninkovich (40)
Tyrone McKenzie (41)

*** Mayo healthy will be key. The drafting of Spikes (love em) indicates to me that they will stay in a primary 3-4 defensive scheme. Cunningham was a good draft pick but doesnt bring that dominant pass rusher. Are the OLB's just too slow? Can Gary Guyton play OLB to add some speed??? As a whole the group doesnt look bad to me. I still look for one more guy to be brought in prior to the season but I can live with this group. Another group stout against the run and looks good in coverage. Is Crable the answer? Can Crable exit the team bus without hurting himself? Lots of questions but a talented young group awaits. Log jam at LB also... Who stays and who goes?????

CB's and S's
Brandon Meriweather (42)
Patrick Chung (43)
Jerome Sanders (44)
Brandon McGowan (45)
Leigh Bodden (46)
Darius Butler (47)
Devin McCourty (48)
Terrance Wheatley (49)
Jonathan Wilhite (50)
Shawn Springs (-)

*** I expect Springs to be cut outright before the season... I think Wheatley has some potential but as nothing more than he will be (a 4th CB!). I like the group as a whole. Meriweather showed flashes of what we hoped he would become. Now he has to take another step forward and I think he will. Adding McCourty was a find... kid can cover and help in the return game. Very excited about that. Butler should be more consistent year two. I look for Chung to play close to the box when he is subbing into the game. He could become a good blitzer from the safety position

Stephen Gostowski (51)
Zoltan Mesko (52)
Jake Ingram LS (53)


Practice Squad
Thomas Welch
Brandon Diedrick
Kade Weston
Zac Robinson
Pat Paschall