My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

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    My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

    I can't believe all the whiners that chastise the Patriots for not going Chicago Bears in free agency and signing up everyone. First, here's my thoughts on what Chicago did. I wanted Peppers on the Patriots but not at $91.5 million so they can have him for that. There's a 90% chance he's not going to finish out that contract and if he does, he'll be nowhere near what he was last year and years before --- even with people saying he takes plays off. Chester Taylor signing was great, no doubt. The Bears have no leverage and no other options. They have to overpay for those veterans because they have no picks in the draft and their GM and head coach are on the hot seat. They did this to cover their ass*s. That's not smart business (which is what an NFL team is in today's economics), that's impulse. You can't spend $100+ million on impulse. Notice the four perrennial contenders (Patriots, Colts, Steelers, and Eagles). They ALL stood pat on the first day because their braintrusts know that you go swinging on the first day and chances are you, you'll overpay big-time. Those teams took care of internal matters first, watched the action from afar, and now they'll go into making their own subtle moves. They've done it this whole decade and they've won this whole decade. That's not by chance or luck. It's by design. It's by disciplined, structured management. Let the Bears and Redskins overpay to fight for fourth in the division. The better managed teams in football also draft/sign players that FILL A VOID. There's no way to get the best player at every position, the economics don't allow it. The better managed teams prioritize and make "boring" moves that still lead to...contention.

    Apple is great at this. They're not always first movers on major technologies and products (free agents) but it's not who comes up with it first all the time; more often than not, it's who does it RIGHT. The Patriots, Colts, Steelers and Eagles get it right. Throw the Chargers in there for kicks too.

    Wilfork is a great signing and I think it's more about morale than anything. The Patriots have been labeled cheap but they opened the vault for Wilfork. This will have a ripple effect in the locker room because the younger players (from years past and this year's picks) will see that if you play hard, stay professional, follow orders, and keep competing, you're GOING to get rewarded. It doesn't always happen that way because the NFL economics don't allow you to make every player at every position the highest paid in the league. Our defense in general was horrible and it doesn't start or end with Wilfork. He did his job, which was stuff the run and demand the double teams. If you think our pass rush was bad last year, imagine what it could have been without Wilfork being doubled. Good God. Banta Cain is also a great signing but I do fear that he may lose that edge by becoming comfortable with his new contract. It happens more often than not. Either way, if we draft a stud at defensive end/linebacker, guys like Mike Wright and TBC are going to have great looks at the QB all day because there's not just enough blockers (especially with Wilfork demanding a double team).

    Frankly, I don't think it's possible to build a team like the one we had in the early 2000's. The kind of character guys you'd need to make that sort of team are dwindling each year. What we saw from 2000 to 2007/2008 was what's known as a perfect storm. We had young, hungry talent on our staff, in the front office, and on the field. We got some lucky breaks going our way. We had a great owner. It all came together and it was a dynasty. You don't just look to build that each year and expect it to happen; there's just not that many Tedy Bruschi's and Tommy Brady's out there, or Mike Vrable's or Willie's. Most importantly, we also re-invented the art of building a contender by taking advantage of the new NFL economics and that happened because of the brilliant leadership we had in Kraft, Pioli, Belichick and others. We spent wisely, drafted well, dumped players without overpaying for them. When all of that came together, the NFL didn't know what hit them. The impact of the Patriots shrewd management almost made a mockery of the NFL which claimed there was so much parity in the league. This new NFL doesn't allow for dynasties and yet we still built one.

    Patriots are fine. I know some of you as*holes here are going to say, Keep drinking the Koolaid kid. Well, that's what being a fan is all about. I'll always be drinking the Koolaid because when looking at the Patriots (and other elite franchise in sports), I've appreciated their business acumen. To be in their roles, you have to be pretty intelligent and disciplined because it takes a commitment and even with the commitment, there's no guarantees if you don't know what you're doing. It's like a 5'0 kid trying to dunk every day of his life for 10 years. Great effort but that still doesn't mean you can dunk all of a sudden.

    The Bears had their time under the limelight. We'll get ours in April. Just watch. I hope we open a keg of whoopass on the League next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Re: My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

    Well said. There are only so many players you can pay that kind of money on one team without dooming yourself to mediocrity for a long time. I think they overpaid Wilfork. BUT he's a known quantity that fits their system so if you are going to overpay at least you know exactly what you are getting. I like seeing a guy like Wilfork who didn't whine and complain during the season and disrupt the team get the deal he felt he deserved. 

    I would loved to have seen us get Dansby or a high profile WR but I don't think it's happening. 

    The Patriots have actually benefited over the long term by the panic of other teams during the draft and free agency. Teams run out on the first day and overpay for a player. They strap themselves down to a couple of overpaid players and can't form up a real team that is much more than a couple of selfish big names. They pay too much to trade up and get NE's pick. NE builds a nice vault of future picks that make up for their perpetual late round selections. It just reminds me of the professional stock traders vs. everyone else. The formula wins over the long term. 

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    Re: My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

    I agree with apdynasty. Not one of these free agents has been dominant the past couple of years. Why pay them alot of money to just crap out after a couple years.

    trades can still be made, and the pats can build through the draft.

    look it the big money paid to adalius thomas, what has he really contributed to the defense? nuttin'
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    Re: My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

    The league is experiencing a two tiered interpretation of having no salary cap.  

    A few owners are saying, hey, I can buy me a super bowl now!  The 7-9 Bears and 2-14 Lions owners are probably going to buy their respective clubs 3 more victories next year.  I have no idea what the Lions and Raiders are doing with their money.  I think they just want to own a prestige player or two, fantasy football with real live players.

    The final eight teams are constrained from plunging into free agency. 

    A number of other owners are dumping what they've got onto the market.  Jake Delhomme is walking away free with $12 million.  1400 yard rusher Thomas Jones is also a free man.  Jones scored 27 touchdowns in two years with the Jets, but the Jets didn't want to pay him $5.8 million this year.

    So, if BB doesn't need prestige players, just pretty good ones, dozens of them are going to be long-term unemployed and working cheap. 

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    Re: My Thoughts on the Offseason Thus Far

    Kool-aid drinker here. Well put apdynasty. The thing I like about this team is they don't sell the future for today. They remain competitive year after year. Apparantly the castigators have gone for now.