I know we didnt get Julius Peppers. Sad but then again he wanted to play in Chicago that is apparent. Boldin has too many years under his belt, Marshall I would have liked but from Denver's perspective they would get a 6th best we could do would be a 22nd and a 2nd. I think Denver would love Bradford or Claussen we couldnt help them with that.
  We signed 3 of our own that is something that speaks for itself. It is just the first day my God you guys act like we should have already signed every free agent out there. Doesnt work like that sorry We will be alright. Sure it would have been nice but WE DO NOT see all the ends and outs of the business. They are paid to do that and have done a great job thusfar.

  Wilfork was insulted he was franchised now he is with us for 3 years. Moss was hurt Brady was hurt, Welker was hurt. We need to upgrade oh so slightly at WR, RB, LB and one DB and we will be okay.

  I have faith in BB except when it is 4th and short. to do the right thing.