My Top 10 Random Thoughts This AM

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    My Top 10 Random Thoughts This AM

    1. Early on the O left the D out to dry and again the reluctance to change up play calling was to blame.

    2. When physical teams attack our O line BS happens still, Solder and Wendell suxed, period.

    3. Ridley, what the hell do you do with him?

    4. Where was Trevor Scott in the first half?

    5. Ed Hochuli just may be the new Ben Drieth. sp)

    6. Why no Bolden?

    7. Josh McDaniel’s was sent to his room, Brady took over play calling that game.

    8. Could Special Teams have picked a worse time to go soft on kick-off coverage?

    9. Could there been a worse time to put Arrington in at DB? Talib and or Dennard were hurt? Out?

    10. If you were going to go for it on 4th down then you should have had 2 plays called for a hurry up. I agree that they had to go for it at that point.

    Well it’s a loss and a loss is a loss no matter how we got there. Hate like heck to give up the second seed but it is what it is at this point. I had us splitting the Houston San Fran Games. Makes the Arizona loss a bit more painful.


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    Re: My Top 10 Random Thoughts This AM

    Not so random thoughts. All good points.  The loss does suck.

    Yeah, agree that it looked like TB was doing his own play calling in 2nd half- I can picture Brady telling McD during half time break- to sit down. 

     Positives for the rest of the season-  Lloyd is looking good. Woodhead is solid.

    Gronk will return.